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I’m still trying to be on my fabric diet but I caved.  Last year is was well into November or October by the time I caved…but last year it was a lot easier with my life so busy.

I decided the other day that if I am going to tackle my quilting goals, I need to do what I can to set myself up for success.  I’ve learned it I have my projects somewhat kitted, then I am more likely to grab it when I’m ready to move on to a new project.

On my goal list was this quilt….

Image result for hawaiian sunset quilt

Can you believe this issue is from Feb/March of 2010??  That means I’ve been wanting to make this quilt for 10 YEARS.  Don’t you think it’s time??

Image result for hawaiian sunset quilt

The name of the quilt is Hawaiian Sunset 1845.

Well I’ve started the quilt and actually gotten a bit done but have never sewn on it seriously.  I did have all the fabric collected though.

Well other projects came along.  I think I pulled the greens when I made my Easy Street quilt.



I think I pulled pinks when I made my other Easy Street Mystery.

Image result for jos country junction easy street

Yep I made two mystery quilts one year.  Crazy I know.

Well, my favorite fabrics that were in the basket to make the Hawaiian Sunset quilt have been robbed.  So I popped over to Whittles Fabrics and checked to see if they had any poison green, yellow or pinks in Civil War Reproductions.  Whittles, I’ve found are the best source online for reasonably priced Civil War Reproduction fabrics.  Most are $5.50 a yard.  They offer great flat rate shipping at $6.00.

Anyway, it is “legal”, on my fabric diet, for me to get fabric to finish a project so I ordered some fabric. (I guess that means I need to finish this quilt.  HA!)

Here’s what I ordered….
Here they are close up.

They are a little darker than the photo shows them.  I adore them all.  Small prints sing to me.

Unfortunately, I have a lot of projects in line before this one.  You all know the drill, us quilters make quilts and quilts to give away but rarely make one for ourselves.

I might not be sewing on this quilt yet, but I’m thinking about it which means it’s moving ever so slowly out of the UFO pile and onto a WAY back burner!!  I can’t wait to have some me time and actually work on it.

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  1. Yesterday I actually typed up my list of quilt projects for 2020. It helps me to actually look at the list. ( Not that it can’t change during the year.) I’m wondering if you have a written list of quilts projects and how many are on it. I love that Hawaiian Sunset pattern also and look forward to seeing you working on yours.

  2. Great fabric choices. Went to a sewing retreat last weekend and actually finished up a few things that had been languishing. Its terrible when we have a dreaded UFO to finish.

  3. Gretchen, you read my mind! Thanks for the link. You know, just in case!
    I was looking at Whittles yesterday and knew you’d find some good stuff for that quilt, Jo!

  4. Really beautiful quilt ! I can see why it’s been on your todo list. I love the new fabrics you have chosen too. I can hardly wait to see yours.

  5. Love your colors. Can’t wait to see it’s progress.
    I bought a Half yard bundle from Quilted sang to me Now I have to find a pattern for it!
    Love and prayers

  6. Made me laugh. This has long been on my list as well! I have collected NO fabrics towards starting it. I guess it continues to live on my someday list. :-) Thank you for the reminder.

  7. Oh Jo, I feel you girl!!! I have so MANY projects ahead of the projects I want to do myself…it seems to never end and I seem to never catch up. I have however this year decided Tuesdays are my day, on my day I work on my stuff. I also designated days for kitting up and cutting out scraps, Friday (and Saturday…I went over lol) I got a scrappy quilt cut out, so maybe if I can keep to my schedule this year things will go much smoother!!! We shall see! p.s. you are amazing at what you get done!!!!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE CW fabrics! Whittles is great, also and Hancocks of Paducah has many fabrics list at multi low prices. Vickie from WYOMING

  9. Jo that is a great pattern and I love the fabrics.
    In order to not let myself “borrow” fabrics from planned projects, I made myself 6 plastic windowed, zippered project bags. When I plan a project the pattern and fabrics go in the bag (sometimes I even cut the pieces) and the bag goes on a shelf in my cupboard. It only comes out as I’m ready to work on it and I only let myself preplan 6 projects. No bag; no planned project. Helps me not add any UFO’s to my list and allows for the many, unplanned test patterns or squirrels that pop in to my life!

  10. I LOVE those pink & greens. I also love the pattern that you are going to use for them. I am working on a quilt called “Rhubarb Pie”, using pinks & greens.

  11. That’s a very pretty pattern and fabrics. Thank you for the link to Whittles Fabrics – the “local” shop that had been a reliable source is cutting back on what it carries due to lack of sales.

  12. I am collecting fabrics for Hawaiian Sunset too but going to call mine Texas Sunset I think. I love seeing the fabrics you use, all your colors just seem to flow so nicely. Can’t wait to see yours when it’s done.

  13. I remember when you were excited about that quilt! Now the question is whether I tracked down a copy of the magazine at the same time, because I have a feeling your posts are going to get me excited about the idea again.

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