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So I added a little to my stash this week…really, only a little.

You might remember last week I told you that I ordered from Quilted Twins and was a little disappointed with the fabric cut.

Notice the bottom where the letters were cut off.  I really could not use that section of fabric as the letters were now useless.  Well apparently someone notified them on my behalf and they saw my blog post about it.  Seriously, I was okay with it…just happened to point it out in my blog post.  I really didn’t need tons more of alphabet letters as  I actually had quite a bit of the fabric from this line already.  Anyway….

Look what the gals at Quilted Twins sent…
a new fabric cut.

How awesome of service is that!!!  Seriously, I’m was all the way okay with before, just happened to point it out…but knowing they have awesome customer service is really great.  To date, I have always been very happy with Quilted Twins and this is just once more reason to be happy.

Well I went upstairs and got my bucket of fabric from that fabric line…and look what I found.  I had this quilt top that I had made in the tote.  I remember it…I had gotten it this far and it didn’t turn out as I had envisioned so I folded it up and put it all away.

Close up you can see what I did…

I cut the letters to size, used them for the center of star blocks and then after the blocks were finished, I cut them wonky.  Now looking at it, I don’t mind it…hmm.  I need to finish this and come up with some kind of border.

Rosie was doing really good at posing…Doesn’t she look precious??  BUT then I had my phone in my hand, went to transfer the pictures to the computer and she peed on the quilt top.  Oh my.  She had just been outside.  UGH.

Well the best thing I think I can do is let that dry and then finish the top and then wash the whole thing.  UGH…This puppyhood will be the death of me I think because after that, I went to pick up the quilt top and clean it the best I could…I turned and caught her pooping.  Seriously.  She had been outside about 20 minutes earlier and the accidents happened within 2 minutes of each other.  Oh my.

It’s all good…I love her unconditionally but I’m ready for her to housetrained.

Back to my quilt top…I have enough fabric to make several more quilt tops with it.  I need to come up with another design too.  Ah…a chance to play and design.  I love it!

But back to my original thought, I’m very impressed with Quilted Twins.  It wasn’t necessary that they send me new fabric but it sure is nice that they did.  If you’re interested in checking out Quilted Twins, you can find them HERE.

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  1. Ahhh…puppyhood…you expressed it well. Same thing happens at our house too! Wishes for successes for you and me!!

  2. Oh, Rosie (sigh). Good thung you at so adorable! Potty training is no fun at all. Who knows why they have accidents right after they go outside.

    I like the quilt top you discovered. What a nice surprise. I’ll look forward to seeing the completed version.

  3. I’m sorry but I laughed after reading what Rosie did first… but uh-oh on the second. Yes…this too shall pass…
    Love and prayers

  4. Your little Rosie is adorable, Jo!

    I had ordered fabric last fall from Quilted Twins, which I learned about from you, and I was delighted with both the fabric and their very prompt filling of my order. I will definitely order from them again, and I thank you for letting us know about them.

    Wishing you a good week, Jo. Thank you for all that you do and for the inspiration you give to all of us.

  5. I love Quilted Twins, I’ve ordered from them for several years now. Our Ruby the Destroyer Beagle seems to want to to pee every two hours, her bladder just won’t hold it. The worst problem is when she goes to sleep in the evening on our sofa and she pees during her sleep. We’ve bought waterproof covers for now but oh my, this has been a problem. Your Rosie is precious.

  6. For Hedy–Take you dog to the vet–there is medication for female dogs that will help with her problem. It is an involuntary problem. Our grand dog Maggie takes meds and it has greatly improved the peeing while sleeping.

    Jo, Do you stay outside with Rosie to make sure she pees and poops after eating and sleeping? It’s a pain and I’ve had to stay out with puppies way longer than I’ve wanted but it sure works. Also if you say the same words–“go pee” the pup will learn to pee on command.
    You probably all ready know all that and she just had an “accident.”
    She’s getting darn good about posing for the pictures!

  7. SusanfromKentucky

    Rosie is so precious! She will learn soon to pee and poop outside. Thankfully, I didn’t have the potty problems with my Tucker. He only peed one time in the house and every other time, it was outside. He does pee for me when I say, “Go pee”. This works well for me because I take him on a lot of errands.
    Really love the quilt you found in your tub! You definitely need to finish it!!

  8. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I love the Quilted Twins!! Obviously, customer service is #1 with them! Oh, Rosie…she may need puppy diapers for posing on quilts for a while! My little girl wore a onesie (put on so the front in on their back so their tail can come out between the snaps) with a rolled up sock put in the appropriate position. It worked for me. I hope Rosie gets potty training soon. It is frustrating.

  9. Carmen Montmarquet

    Hi Jo,
    My daughter has a new puppy to and what has helped is putting bells on the door and teach her to ring them with her paw when she needs to go potty! She has the bells on both doors and it has helped a lot!!
    And Hedy, my older dog was also peeing when she was laying down and even on me when she sat on me and until she got up I didn’t feel it?? Took her to the vet and she is on Proin, which has helped her a lot! Hope this helps!

  10. Just like babies–I sometimes think this is why they are so cute: because they are so darned much work. :)

    And I can chime in with Carmen, to be an enthusiastic voice for Proin. (Not for puppies!) We’ve used it for our elderly dogs who had trouble with incontinence, and are now using it with a 5 year-old dog who just floods when she sleeps, no matter how many times she goes beforehand. Proin has solved a lot of problems in our house over the years, and I appreciate that it has been around a long time; I remember giving it to our “original” family dog, back in the ’90’s.

  11. It WAS necessary for the quilt shop to be told about the sloppy cutting of the fabric. How is a new person suppose to learn if not told.

    Now the dog…… she is really cute and still young.

  12. You could try spraying the top with an enzyme-based pet mess cleaner like “Nature’s Miracle.” Then just let it dry and the enzymes eat up the pee (or poop, or vomit.) It then has a kind of perfumey smell, not too bad, but way better than pee! That might help it be tolerable to quilt it up then finish washing it.

    I have an elderly cat with bladder issues, so this stuff is a lifesaver, LOL!

  13. Mary in Orlando, FL

    The last time you mentioned Quilted Twins I clicked on your link and I was surprised It took me to Dade City, Florida. That is about 75 miles from me (Orlando). I ordered the Frolic kit from there. Then I bought an Eagle panel. Very fast shipping. Love the Frolic bundle and the price was good. I like the half yard bundles. I’m glad they sent you another panel That’s great customer service. Thanks for the link. I would not have heard of them.

  14. Jo, are you able to read her cues for when she needs to go? We had a tough time with our puppy (our last two dogs came to us as adults and housetrained). My dh hung jingle bells near the backdoor and we rang them every time we took Rex out. Now Rex rings for us and sits there patiently waiting for us to let him out. HTH!

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