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When I went to Rochester to see Lori and Connie last weekend, I planned to stop at Pine Needles Quilt Shop.  I was looking for some binding clips or sewing clips.  As I’ve been sewing the mystery, I’ve needed more.  I had a small set a blog reader gifted me but they are all being used holding UFO blocks.  I had another set with larger clips but I only have 15 or so of them and that’s not enough for the mystery blocks…So, I wanted some more.

Well I ended up late to meet Connie, we excited to see and completely forgot about wanting the binding clips.

I did end up buying some fabric.  I didn’t intend to and then I saw the clearance rack and batik was on there that could work for binding the mystery I bought it.  And you know how it goes, you buy one thing and the flood gate open.  Luckily is was just a quick open and shut and I only ended up with these two fabrics.

Connie had been shopping in the store before I got there so she was showing me cute, cute stuff.  I was busy admiring some of the projects and I particularly liked a bag made with pineapple blocks.

We chatted.  I found the ruler to make the pineapple blocks, had it my hand to buy it and then put it back.  I told myself I never end up using the rulers…besides the store was closing and I was more interested in chatting with Connie than shopping.

Well I got home and realized I forgot all about the binder clips.  It completely slipped my mind.  I really wanted some so I ended up on Amazon and placed an order.  Notice I got more than only binder clips….

I got THESE large binder clips as those are my preferred size.   They were 50 for $10.99.  I didn’t think that was bad.

I ended up getting THESE smaller ones in the tin.  They were $7.99 for 100 small, 10 large and the tin.  I didn’t think that was bad either.

Previous to this I rarely used the clips but with the mystery I got used to using them and like using them.  Kelli has the smaller sized ones and uses them all the time to clip Georgia’s outfits together.  She’s often getting her ready early in the morning and this way, the outfit pieces are already matched.

The clips are so handy.

Well being I was ordering I decided that I wanted to check out that pineapple ruler.  I was able to find it on Amazon…but still wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money and buy it.

I ended up watching this video…and after that, I was pretty much sold on buying the ruler.   If the video doesn’t show up in the post follow this LINK.

The thing I loved was that I could sew the side fabrics without having to cut them first!!  What a time saver! I can work directly from my scrap bucket.  SCORE!!   Here is an Amazon link for the ruler.  I got the mini one that makes 4,5,or 6″ blocks.  There is a larger one HERE that makes 6, 8, or 10″ blocks.

Then I watched this video and ended up putting the ruler in my Amazon cart. If the video doesn’t show up in the post, find the video HERE.

Well then I got to looking at more videos and ended up seeing this video.

Find the video HERE is it’s not embedded in the post.

So yes…I ended up buying that ruler HERE from Amazon.  This ruler as well lets me use scraps directly from my scrap bucket with no cutting first.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about each of the rulers.  I so love working with scraps but I find it hard to spend all of the time trimming them down.  I think this will be a WIN for me.

So…I didn’t spend a lot at the quilt shop as I got there so late they were closing but I did spend plenty later….and that’s my stash report for this week.

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  1. Yes, I need more clips, too. I bought the tin from Amazon, also. The thing is, I know I have more, but they are still packed in those boxes from when we had water damage. Someday we are going to be mobile enough to get those unpacked.

  2. I was wondering if the clips were really worth it…but it looks like I’ll need to buy some. I understand they’re good for binding too…I usually use pins…ouch!

  3. Ive bought three sets of those clips over the years from amazon. I got another tin for Christmas. I use them for binding and bag making and holding sets. They are great.

  4. Good Morning Jo! I have used the clips for binding for years now. I have some pretty pinks ones from a sale at Nancy’s Notions – I’m not going to tell you how much they were. That pineapple ruler looks slicker than snot and handy, too. I thought these pineapple blocks had to be paper pieced. You may have talked me into getting the ruler – I wonder what size I should get?!! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Jo, I have both of those rulers and they are absolutely awesome. I love all the creative grids rulers. I have the bigger pineapple ruler and it is great for scraps. The methods for these rulers requires more trimming between steps, but the accuracy is worth it. I also have the lemoyne star one and it is pretty cool too as it lets you work with strips.

  6. Those rulers are pretty pricey. I have been seeing more and more of those specialty rulers at our local Goodwills for $2.88. I will watch for this one.

  7. Wondering if you have a problem with the red clover binding clips? Mine keep breaking on the clear plastic side always at the same place. Will not for now buy anymore. Too expensive for this to keep happening let me know if you or anyone else that reads your blog has this happen.

  8. I have the clips in the tin and they are great. I also gave both sizes of the Creative Grids log cabin and pineapple rulers and they are wonderful. Well worth the money. The past two Christmases I have made ornaments out of the smallest sizes and they are beautiful. I am currently working on a log cabin quilt, happily using my scraps.

  9. I need more clips too! I have noticed all my pink ones are breaking. I am down to 1 out of the 25 I started with. Haven’t really had them very long and have only made about six quilts in the last few years so they are not over used. Wondering if there is a flaw in the production of them. Oh, well! I still like using them!

  10. I love those clips and I have a slew of them, they are so handy. I also have the large pineapple ruler and the book, both were bought on clearance years ago. I might have to watch the video and get inspired to use it.

  11. I just bought those clips in the tin and when I first opened the package I was skeptical that they would be okay but I’ve been really happy with them. I am so surprised at how many I’ve been using for the mystery! I thought about the pineapple ruler but that will have to wait. I recently bought two different dresden ruler templates and books! I have no idea when I will get to them but I’m thinking the Kaffe fabrics I bought several years ago would look fantastic in dresden blocks!

  12. I use binder clips from office supply stores (Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, but probably also at Walmart or Target). They come in a lot of different sizes, are way cheaper, and are useful in many areas of the home. I even use the larger ones to hang quilts for photos!

    I’m glad you found some good fabric — it’s nice to already have binding fabric!

  13. I own the two pineapple rulers. I also was convinced after watching the you tube videos! Thank you for the link for the clips. I started out using them for binding and still do. I have found them very handy for organizing my Mystery Quilt also.

  14. I have purchased these clips from Amazon:

    I liked them so much, I purchased additional and added them into new zippered pouches to use as stocking stuffers for my grown daughters!

    I have also used the smallest binder-clips from office supply stores. I have them in gold, silver and pastel colors in with the pretty desk sets and accessories that I use to hold block pieces together.

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