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Yesterday I told you that I stopped at the quilt shop in New Hampton, Iowa, Quilter’s Window.  I didn’t tell you what I found though.

First off…I need to tell you if I have any luck at the thrift store.  The answer…YES.  I did.

They ended up boxing up all the shirts I found.  30 in all.  I take everything I find that is 100% cotton when I go.

As for black and white shirts…JACKPOT!  I found FIVE.  I never find that many.  I’ve been looking for about two years now and I only find one here and there.  It was a good karma day as that quilt is moving to the front burner.  I’ll tell you more about that another day though.
As for the quilt shop…I bought a few things there too.  I told you all that once I go off the fabric diet, it’s a bit of a struggle for me to get back on there.

Here’s what I bought….

Yes.  I couldn’t pass by the white based neutrals.  
I love anything with words or a bit of color.  I love the stars and the graff paper.  The one with words second from the left is actually a Christmas fabric but I don’t care.  I’ll use it in anything.

My favorite was this one…Don’t you love it?  If you went to libraries in the olden days and saw the dates stamped on the library cards they looked so much like this.  I adore the fabric.

I snagged some food fabric.  I’ve recently worked on the food quilt for my lady that comes in and teaches the childcare kids Farm to Table.  Jean gave me a kit to make it and I thought I would look for fabric and gift her some back.  I found seven on this day.
I did get a couple pieces for the mystery quilt.  I’m being pretty picky with what I select.  I could still use a few more pieces but if I don’t find them, I think I have enough to manage.  I just like LOTS of variety.
It was fun to go to the shop and see all there is.  I am glad that I don’t go to shops regularly though.  I would be so tempted.

I’m giving myself until the new year and the mystery quilt is done…then I think I better go back to the fabric diet.  This has been getting expensive…but I’ve been having fun and as Karl would tell me, “Treat yourself”.

10 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. First, congratulations on the newest upcoming grandbaby!!! With 7 sons total I always thought I would be awash in grandchildren and there would be cousins galore. Well, 4 live way out of state and I have one local toddler and just found out we’ll have another in June. Not awash, but I’ll take it! 2nd, the fabric you’ve gotten is gorgeous, but I still don’t understand how a fabric with color can be considered neutral. Is it because of the white background? The date stamped fabric is my favorite of all. 3rd, yay soup!! Blessings!

  2. The top piece of fabric with the teal and batik, I have.
    I bought several yards from Pineapple fabrics warehouse sale to use
    As backing, which I did and have enough left over that I thought
    As using as light fabric in Bonnie Hunter ‘s mystery quilt, Frolic.

    I love grouping you put together. Your scrappiness always turns
    Out great. Wish I had the foresight to do that. I’m more a color control

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Look at your shopping this way Jo, you’re getting necessary materials for All the quilts you’ll be making in the coming year. Lord Jesus willing.

  4. Carolyn Sullivan

    AHHHH the one w the stamped from the library cards ! it is by Heather Givens!!! she has a store called the Crimson Tate in Indianapolis. She is also a dynamic speaker. I first heard her at one of the guilds I belong to. Loved her fabric and visited her store even though it was in the next state over. She has some very interesting quilt patterns there and lots of great Fabrics most of which are her designs.

  5. Good morning, I’ve been following u for a while and am glad ur back. Yesterday was at a store I think ud love. It’s in Dade city, fl. Called the quilted twins
    They have a web site. And kaffe fabric.

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