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I was thrifting…I always am.  I’ve slowed down since not having the antique booth.  There are times I go when I reach for something that I would have normally bought to sell and then have to stop myself.  It’s a little bittersweet.  I miss the shopping for things…the pricing and selling I don’t really miss a lot and the cleaning of the item, I don’t miss a single bit.

There must be someone else in charge of the fabric nowadays as the area is not as neat and clean as it used to be…and the fabric doesn’t sell as quickly.  They get double knit in and it stays there for forever now.  Before the previous person in charge would bundle that all up in a big bag and put $2 on it.  The fabric would sell and things wouldn’t pile up.

I saw the lady the other day that used to take care of the fabric.  When I saw her I said, “Oh good.  You’re back.”  She explained that she was but she had been on a leave of absence as her husband passed away.  When she got back, she had a job but not in her old area where the crafts were….darn it.  I hope she is able to eventually get back to that area as she did a great job.

It takes a lot long to shop and sort through the fabric but I did find a couple things…

Fabric first:
The one in back was $3.  The blue $2 and the one on top 50 cents.

The back two both had just over 4 yards each and the front one had just under 2 yards.  I think they are a nice addition to the stash.  Now if I would just get sewing again!!

Then I found miscellaneous stiff.  The knit book for Kayla.  The tote with the handle for the kiddos.  The doll pattern for my collection…the decorative pieces for cross stitch..the Paw Patrol masks for the kiddos.

A coloring book for the older kids and finger paint paper for the younger.

It always surprises me the variety of things I find at the thrift store.  One of the reasons I love going is the not knowing.  I love that the inventory constantly changes.  It’s not like going to the mall a bit.

I always say I hate shopping…I do hate traditional shopping.  Thrift shopping…that I love.

7 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Great haul Jo! The fabric was a steal. I wouldn’t be able to pass it up at that price! It’s amazing what one can find at the thrift stores!

  2. We have that same problem at one of our thrift stores…fabric is just thrown into a bin and no prices. :-( I need to find a thrift store like yours!
    Love and prayers

  3. I love thrift stores I am an avid collector of materials and bricabrack. I show off my skirts that I have made with beautiful wool blends and tell people the zip costs as much as the material. I have a stash of cottons and make many childrens dresses for delighted mums. I also lookout for wool which I pass on to my friends who crochets wool blankets for charity. I cannot pass a charity store without paying them a visit. My grown up children shake their heads when they see my stashed material store. Oh yes I quilt as well that is something else I have lots of clear plastic containers full of cotton material. I will never be able to finish the things I want to do in this life. I will give instruction to my children when my sewing days are over to pass all my material to the thrift stores and someone else will benefit and all my material will start a new circle of life.

  4. Joyce New Zealand

    Yes, press n seal does work, we use it a lot here. I don’t use ball point pen to trace with though as it can get on the fabric. I use a frixion pen thT will iron off.

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