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I was on Facebook (seriously I need to stay away from there) and saw that someone on the “Stitching with the Housewives” group found a cool stash of cross stitching things on Facebook Marketplace.  Well that prompted me to go on Marketplace and search “cross stitch”.

I found a garage sale that was looking promising BUT…It was in Wisconsin.  Too far.  On a whim I decided that I would message the person and see if they would let me buy something and they would ship it to me.  They would and I decided to buy all of the Weeks Dye Works thread and all of the Classic Colorworks thread.

The guy was awesome to work with and in a short two days the package was at my house.

When the kids were home, I sorted thread.  Here I caught Kayla in a silly pose as she was teasing Georgia who was in the baby seat.

Here are the Classic Colorworks…unfortunately there were a lot of duplicates in the bunch.  It was dumb of me that I didn’t ask if there were duplicates.

There were a lot of Weeks Dye Works thread too.  I pulled out what I wanted and this was left.  I never use these colors…all brights.
In the end I was disappointed with my purchase.  UGH.  I forgot that others stitch with bright colors….

But…I did get this…

Cross stitchers use this for Santa beards and sheep.  It gives a fuzzy effect.

All was not lost.  Kelli ended up posting the thread on the Facebook group Cross Stitch Stash Unloading.  She sold it there and I didn’t end up losing any money in the end….but lesson learned on my part.  No more buying cross stitch stuff unless I see it in person!

Have you ever made such a mistake??  Please tell me I’m not the only one.

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  1. You’re definitely not the only one. I’ve made several purchases from eBay that I would consider mistakes. I now say off that site. Now, I did make some good purchases from there, but I don’t think I really need anything at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jo- next time, try overdyeing the floss with a toning shade and it will dull down those brights so they fit right in with your color palette.

  3. You’re not alone. I learned the lesson many years ago. I might pay more locally, but I know it’s right.

    Yea Kelly for selling it straight-away!

  4. It was not really a mistake as you and your girls were able to resell what you did not want. A bit more work but it worked. Go easy on yourself. The repeats will also come in handy for some project. Happy Creating.

  5. I bought a few quilt tops on eBay that turned out to be NOT what I expected from looking at the picture. I showed one to my son and he said it looked like a clown had exploded on it. LOL I quilted one of the nicer looking ones for a benefit, but the others are still in a box under my bed waiting for me to do SOMETHING with them.

  6. You are NOT the only one!! I think anyone who frequents that site gets “burned” from time to time. My eBay experience that put me off it for YEARS was the purchase of an Iris “print” that ended up being a cross stitch pattern (which was the craft that I gave up for quilting!)

  7. Not the only one. Speaking of Stash. A woman came into our church craft meeting on Thursday with 5 bags of sorted and color coordinated scraps of fabric. Most are smaller pieces but occasionally larger ones. Or a fat quarter with some of it cut out. And also a plastic bin of assorted fabrics. I spent yesterday at guild stripping.

  8. Mary Ann Mettler

    Oh ya -even with trying on clothes they fit fine at the store but are not comfortable when worn for any length of time. Makes one more careful the next time.

  9. Judith Fairchild

    Oh yes unfortunately more than once only different places. I’ve had good surprises too. Went to a yard sale spent $25.00 on a stack of material, just making sure the material was good quality and quilting fabric. Got home tucked it away. Got it out several weeks later went through it. All the material was 60″ wide, most pieces were more than 2yards. One really pretty stripe was almost a full bolt over 20 yards. I feel like I made out like a bandit

  10. I saw Kelli’s post on Stash Unload-Cross Stitch Only and recognized the name right away. I have picked up several Weeks and Crescent Color lots on the site and the sellers listed there were duplicates so that wasn’t a surprise. It was somewhat of a surprise when these lots of 75 to 125 contained a good third of what I already had and many duplicates between them. Nothing I would never use but do you really need 8 skeins of Pea Pod? Good news is you can always resell it. Worse thing was when I bought a lot of 100 skeins of silk floss. I asked about smoking and the seller didn’t really answer that question and I didn’t realize it. The package came and the silks reeked of smoke which the seller was trying to cover up with a heavy application of Febreze. I gagged and nearly passed out. I am very sensitive to smoke so handed the package to my MIL for a second opinion. She thought it smelled like “a cheap whore going to church on Sunday morning after a busy night at the whore house during water rationing.” I just didn’t ask how she knew that. I contacted the seller and told her I would be returning the silks for a full refund and that I would be reporting her to the sight moderators. She never quibbled about the refund. The moderators said they had trouble with her not indicating smoking before and that she would be banned if she wouldn’t give a full refund. If you need any Pea Pod, let me know.

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