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I got a box of fabric in the mail from Julie from Me and My Stitches.  Julie is a great Iowa gal.  I first got to know Julie through her awesome quilted jewelry…

..and later through her trunk show and then retreated with her.  How FUN!!  I love how relationships evolve!!

Not too long ago she sent me a box of fabric that was mostly civil war scraps.  I’ve kept that box all together in one spot as one day, soon I hope, I’m going to cut a quilt from it.  I love cutting as I sort scraps when I make quilts.  This box is perfect for it!

…but now for the new box.

Here’s everything all laid out.

Julie wrote in her note that she keeps a little box and fills it with odds and ends and then once it’s full she passes it on to me.  She doesn’t mind if I keep things or pass them on.  I’ve taken to do what Julie does in my own sewing room and I highly suggest it.

Take a box and put it somewhere near the door going out of your sewing space.  When you come across a “why did I buy that” piece of fabric or a notion, toss it in the box.  If you come across scraps and you don’t use scraps, toss it in the box.  If you had fabric that is left over from a project and you don’t want to sort it or keep it, toss it in the box.  Once the box is full, pass it on.  There is someone who would be happy to have it.  It’s a great way to “inactively” clean.

Julie sends her boxes to me and I LOVE it.

She also tossed in come super cute note cards.  I’ve already used a couple of them.  Aren’t they cute??

I am a HUGE fan of neutrals.  Oh I love them.  They are going to be great in a someday quilt.
I’ve had some of this green before and I love it!

Purples, to mourning colors of what looks to be Civil War prints.  Every time I see a print like those tops ones I remember Mary at Country Threads telling that Connie said, “you have to have some ugly fabrics in a quilt to make the pretty ones shine”.  I’ve tried to adopt that.  
This one is fun…I’m thinking I know of a quilt that is on my list that this will go with.  We’ll seen.  It’s grays and reds…a color combo I’m beginning to really attach to.
What a fun box of goodies!!  Thanks so much for the goodies Julie.  I so appreciate your thinking of me.  I saved a couple but I did put some in my box to pass on to charity.  I tried to do a “happy medium”.  It’s tough with such great fabrics to have to part with.

4 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I love the idea of the box. I have boxes everywhere but they are full. My guild meets on Thursday night. I need to take some boxes and share.

  2. Glad you received it and hope you found some things in there that you can use!
    Thanks also for posting the link to my website. Unfortunately there is a problem on the Shopping page and none of my items are showing. Their customer service is closed on the weekends! GAA!!!!

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