Stash Report

I told you a bit ago about my AWESOME thrift store day.  Well today’s the day I’m going to tell you exactly what was in those in the fabric stack.

Here’s the goodies….

The first thing I grabbed to look at was the bag…I never can really tell what is in them and this one looked good.

And once I laid it all out it looked more like this….

There were all sorts of things.  The string blocks, piano keyboard, and flannel is going in my charity box.  I was tempted to keep the strings but these have foundation fabric on them.  I don’t do foundation fabric so if I mixed these with mine, I am wondering how that would work.

I’m excited about the little baby fabrics.  I need some machine time without any deadlines…then I could dig into the baby fabric.

I picked up another piece of homespun.  I’m collecting.

Speaking of homespun….check out this…

There are eight fat quarters.  It was $2.  That made me happy.

These jumped into my cart.  You all know I’m a polka dot lover so I have to get this…and novelty fabrics, I’ve been collecting them too.

I had such a great day thrifting.  I had a whole huge round of goodies…from purses to childcare toys to decorative stuff to FABRIC.  It really was a great day.

5 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Penny Holliday

    You saved & shared the best last!! Love all the fabrics, Jo ~ such beautiful versatile fabrics ~ great bargains!

  2. Donna Pheneger

    Nice stash report! I’m going to have to come up and check out your thrift stores! Ours seriously lacks in the fabric department! ;-)
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers today.

  3. Jackie Goosen

    Rummaging has been great for fabric for me so far! I picked up 5 yards of Dr. Suess fabric for $7 and other odds and ends for next to nothing. I also found floss bags for 50 cents, three sets. I snagged a cordless iron for $7. So much fun! Continuing to pray of you and your family as you adjust.

  4. Mary Ann Mettler

    Sweet buys for you – what a day! Do like the thrift store. Happy sewing – I am sure you will enjoy that so much with a great imagination. Just think those pieces of fabric that someone was going to throw away will be treasured for many many years when they are in a quilt sewn by you.

  5. Cherie in St Louis

    I have such a clear picture of Kramer rooting for your thrifting. I appreciate you saying what you finds will be used for…..helps me think about things differently sometimes.

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