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I got out on Thursday for my dentist appointment.  I ended up driving past a garage sale.  I was at a point that I couldn’t stop or I’d be late for the dentist so I noted where the sale was and went on to the dentist.

After the appointment I debated about going back…What’s protocol for a woman who just lost her husband?  Do you go garage saling???

That’s when I remembered who MY husband was and he’d likely be yelling from heaven, “STOP….it’s a good one.  Go to the garage sale.”  So I did.

I’m happy I did….I ended up finding some more homespun and other things.

There were eight fat quarters here…$5.  It’s more expensive than the thrift store but it’s still a great deal.

I got this small game board that I’ll use for decorating once I get the living room done.  It was $2 but much cheaper than if I got it at Hobby Lobby.

My favorite find was this….

You can’t tell from the bad pictures but it’s an old carpenter’s tool box.  The patina on it is great.

It has some fun features like this…

See the little hook closure?

Then there is this little divot for me to put my finger in to open it. 
It isn’t very deep.  That’s okay.  Right now I’m thinking it will stay in the living room and I’ll keep my current cross stitch project in it but we’ll see.

If I don’t end up using it or finding a spot for it, I’ll sell it.  I know there’s a guy at the antique mall that has a booth that this would be perfect in.

That was my garage sale adventure.  It was a good one!!

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  1. Of course you can go garage saling. Because you’re exactly right, Kramer would want you to. You hot some great deals! What you decide to do with the items – eh, you’ll figure it out. You don’t have to justify anything. I’m glad you found some moments of joy today.

    How was the dentist?

  2. Winda Hiemstra

    I do think that – even though i didn’t kow Kramer in person – he would want you to do things you like, that make you happy! you got some great deals there, i especially love that wooden box you showed. Try to find something that makes you smile every day, flowers in a field, or the dog chasing it’s own tail or even going to a garagesale! do not feel guilty about it, please don’t? “the fact that you make new memories doesn’t mean you have to forget the old ones” is what my mom told me before she died,
    Make new memories, remember the old and try to smile everyday <3

    hugs and <3 from the Netherlands

  3. Karla (threadbndr)

    Oh, Jo. I, too, lost my husband at a young age. He was only 43. The best ‘widow’ advice I got was from one of the ladies at church. “Do not let anyone tell you how to grieve.”

    Stay strong and “do you”. You and the family are in my prayers.

  4. I do love a good garage sale, especially a fruitful one. And even though I didn’t know Kramer except through your blog, he thought they were neat too. It’s a good memory.

  5. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    Kramer would have loved that box. PUt some legs on it and make it a side table that you can open up. I think you should keep it as a memory for Kramer. Your first buy but with him in mind.

  6. There is no protocol except what your heart tells you to not do. I agree with the rest in that Kramer would have wanted you to stop.

  7. Great finds! And in my opinion, the perfect grief therapy, something you and Kramer loved doing together.

  8. Great finds at the garage sale! The game board made me think of Floss Tube—could be a cute background for your cross stitch.

  9. You and Kramer, like a lot of farmers and rancher, seem like the sort of people who understand that life goes on. Do what you feel comfortable doing and hold back when you feel like you should or want to. That line may be a little hazy from day to day just like your grief will be. I also think you did a fair amount of recognizing loss and loss of things hoped for in the future over the last few months. Grief doesn’t start when our loved one dies in cases
    Iike Kramer’s.

  10. Mary Ann Mettler

    You got my favorite game – I remember playing that when I was a kid at my grandparents house. The ones you get now days are flimsy cardboard ones that don’t hold up well. I do play it with my grandchildren now. Making memories Jo – I like the comment about not letting anyone tell you how to grieve. Love to you and your whole family.

  11. So glad you are getting out and about. Do what makes you comfortable, it will never take away your loving thoughts of Kramer!

  12. oh my, Miss Jo – so now, any time ANYone of your readers sees a garage sale, they will think “well, Kramer would want me to stop at this sale”………. and they will !!! Yep, ’tis the way it will be !!!

  13. There are no rules except the ones you need to take care of you. So glad you decided to stop, be it for you or for Kramer. Looks like those homespuns made your heart sing! Love your new cross-stitch toolbox :-)

  14. I think it is important for you to do what makes you feel right just now. You know what Kramer would want you to do. Take care of you Jo!!!

  15. Yes, I second what everyone else said. I have a similar game board hanging downstairs in the family room. Love it! Great buy on the fabric. Glad you are taking care of yourself. How is Karl?

  16. Well, you have a consensus here: the right thing to do is what feels right to you and your family. Isn’t it odd how we have these ideas in our heads about what we should do, how we should grieve, what people will say? I hope that as you move forward, the only voices you will listen to will be loving, supportive ones. Like Kramer’s, telling you to go for it. Or the words you know your children would be speaking if they were there, supporting you. Or ours–all of us who love you from afar and are with you on this journey. Do what feels right because how you grieve is up to you. Each grief journey is individual. I have many things I have bought since my parents and my sister have died that remind me of them, and are sweet and even happy memories. It seems like you have your first of your collection of these special mementos.

  17. Judith Fairchild

    What a great tool box the clolth was good too. But your tool box looks as it is at least 100 years old. My father in law had one from his dad like yours and it was 70 years old 54 years ago. Soooo do what you want to with it. Useing it for your needle work is a great idea. Praying continues

  18. Thank-you for sharing these little stories. Yes, you needed to stop and do a favorite activity. You have to take of yourself. The fat quarter bundle was a great find along with the other things. Enjoy your outings. God Bless.

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