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Not too long ago Kelli was at the thrift store that I love and found embroidery floss.  She sent me two pictures.  The caption was 10 cents a skein.

There was this box….

and this box….
She asked if I needed any.  I said no…it was a very hesitant no but it was a no.

The next time I saw here she brought what she bought….the big box with the full skeins.  It was $20 for all the floss.  That means 200 skeins!!

Kelli knows I love organizing floss.  REALLY LOVE organizing floss so she brought it to my house to help her….

Here I am sorting…..

We got it all sorted and laughed saying we wondered if we had EVERY DMC number of floss yet.

A couple days later I was at the thrift store.  LOOK that same box of floss was still there only now it said “2 for 10 cents”.  Awe…I said not before.  Could I say no again.  UGH.

I was almost closing time.  I knew the gals at check out would never count all of the pieces.  So I sat the box on the counter and said I’d take it but if they didn’t want to count it all out and just name a price, I was fine with that.  the gals looked at each other and said- there really isn’t a lot of floss on some of these.  How about $2.  I said I’d take it.  So home I went with floss to sort.  I was HAPPY!!  Did I NEED thread…probably not but this was fun and in the end, there were a lot of threads that I didn’t have.  I do lots of projects that only use bits of this and that so I really do think I’ll use some of these up.  As for wondering if we have all of the colors….I think some day over nap time I’m going to print out the list and see how many colors I’m missing.

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  1. Thirty years ago when we lived in AR a craft store was going out of business. They had all their DMC priced 10 cents a skein. I bought every one on the list I didn’t have. There are still some very funky greens I’ve never used! LOL I love to organize floss too!

  2. I bet organizing that floss is even more enjoyable at a time when it feels like there’s a lot of things in life that are a bit chaotic. Plus… pretty!

  3. What a great find! When you have time – would you talk about how you like to sort and store your floss? I am always looking for good tips. Also, have you tea/coffee dyed any more fabric? I loved your “make do” patient lounge dyed fabric post.

  4. Jeanie Stufflebeam

    Good job. Organizing anything can be very satisfying; and floss, especially, needs to be kept in order for it to be usable.
    Jo, that cabinet behind you is amazing!

  5. I ended up with a lot of floss when my Aunt passed away. I have a several boxes with the single cards all in numeral order and then I have another box with the duplicates (and more). I printed off the chart and highlighted all the ones the I have in on the single cards and then have the besides the number if I have multiples (x2 / x3 etc.). Has worked like a charm for years now. I’ve only had to purchase black and white more or less since then. I use a smaller box when I’m working on a project with the single cards I need pulled.

    Thinking of you all at this time – hope Kramer is back home soon.

  6. I am glad you mentioned the FUN part of sorting…… my stash report is folding and sorting two designers’ fabric that has gotten mixed in with the “other” stash….. your post has motivated me to finish the sort and fold…..

  7. I have cross stitched for almost 40 years so have a bit of stash. I also love, love, love organizing floss. I use a bag system (a combination of 3 systems but recently all from Hobby Lobby) and have DMC, Weeks Dye Works, Gentle Arts and Cresent Colors. I did have all the DMC at one time but so many charts I liked started being done in the over dyed floss. I resisted for many years but finally succumbed. One thing I found was that I never needed all the DMC floss; some threads are very popular with designers for a while and then another group is the “go to” colors. I just stopped buying the new DMC colors several releases ago and have had no reason to buy most of them yet. They arn’t colors the designers I like use. I bought the over dyed threads as needed because they are expensive. I did buy a 200 skein lot for a good price. Of the 200 skeins, there were 125 that were ones I didn’t have. I bagged what I had supplies for but need to order more supplies. I really need to go thru charts and make a list of over dyes that I need to purchase and have it ready when a sale comes around. I have jumped back into cross stitch in a big way since I retired last year. There are several sales sites on Facebook (BEWARE OF BEING SUCKED IN) and I have spent the winter collecting charts and linen. Just had cataract surgery done on both eyes so I am patiently waiting for my new glasses while I stitch on 14 ct aida. I prefer linen but there are some designs that I just like the looks of on aida. So yes, I get that organizing floss is a joy. A big joy in a small way. Best wishes to you and your family as you navigate this difficult time.

  8. I love collecting embroidery floss too. I mostly use it on embroidered dish towels. I like to do them as counted cross stich is too hard for me to see the small squares. my daughter has done come beautiful cross stitch and loves it like you do. Keep stitching. You have some very nice pieces done
    . I love seeing what all you do and it encourages me to keep on stitching too

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