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One of the days when Kramer was in the hospital in Lacrosse, I ended up having a doctor’s appointment in Onalaska which is a town that bumps up right up to Lacrosse.

I drove directly in front of Hobby Lobby.  Oh my.  How do I not stop?  At the time Kramer had improved and I needed out.  So to Hobby Lobby I went.

I’ve been trying not to by fabric for quilting and even though this is quilting fabric, I won’t be using if for quilting.

It’s homespuns and ticking fabrics.  I’m going to be using it to finish cross stitch pieces.  I’ve been on a cross stitch kick for a bit now.  The bug hit bad after Kramer’s cancer diagnosis.  I can cross stitch so much easier than sew with him sick.

Then I found a blog Priscillas and she’s been a great inspiration on finishing cross stitch projects.  I don’t have all the wall space in the world so cross stitching lots and lots doesn’t appeal to me.  She has some great ideas that don’t include wall space.  Here’s a link to her blog and here are a few photos I’m showing you so you can see how she used the homespun to complete the projects.

Aren’t they gorgeous??  I sure like them.

Well believe it or not, I got rid of all my homespuns and ticking fabrics.  I’ve NEVER before regretted getting rid of any fabric except this time.  UGH.    So I bought a 1/4 yard of all of this type of fabric they had.  I’ll have it on hand should I ever get a project all stitched and the courage to finish it.

I also bought this….Pete the Cat fabric for pillowcases for my oldest two grandsons.  Both of them LOVE Pete.

For those of you who don’t know about Pete the Cat, you’re missing out.  They are the best children’s books.  All of my childcare kids love Pete too.

There are others but these two are our favorites of the series:
Pete the Cat-I love my white shoes
Pete the Cat and his four Groovy Buttons

I general the books are about not getting worked up about what happens during your day.  So often I myself need the reminder.  The kids have the books memorized and recite it with me.

Remember the 25 books for 25 days that I did for the grandkids at Christmas.  These books were some of the books I included.  I think the pillowcases will be a nice follow up.  I’m hoping to do them for Easter for the boys.

That is my report about fabric…none is really for quilts but I thought I should report it anyway.

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  1. I like the finishes Priscilla has on the cross stitching, a nice change from frames. I’m glad you’ve found small hand projects you can work during this challenging time. Aren’t grandchildren the best thing?!

  2. Just in case you have not found her yet, The Twisted Stitcher has a website with all kinds of finishing tutorials for cross stitch both photo and video. She lives about an hour from me and is a truly giving person.

    I have been doing my own finishing for years and learned so much from her that made it much nicer.

  3. I have pieced a few quilts featuring cross stitched pieces. If you have a lot with similar colors and styles, look around Pinterest for appliqué quilts without uniform sized pieces for inspiration.

  4. I love be Pete the cat and indoctrinated my niece by the time she was one. She is almost 3 and for Christmas I used Pete fabrics to make her a backpack and pillowcase. I also got her a large Pete stuffier from Kohl’s cares. She visited last weekend using her backpack to Cary her things. She Ioves wearing it.

  5. I have never heard of Pete the cat, but will be sure to look for the books. I have a four year old grandson who has a black cat. I just know that he will love them! Thanks so much for sharing Pete!

  6. Wow, those are some really nice finishes for cross stitchers. I cant wait to see how you include her ideas with your stitchery. I have never heard of Pete the Cat books but I need to get a couple of Easter gifts and this might be the perfect idea, going to check them out. I have to ship so books are wonderful

  7. Oh, My, what wonderful finishes for cross stitch! They are truly beautiful! And thanks for showing us the Pete The Cat books and fabric. The books sound like wonderful gifts for my great-grand kids. I did cross stitch years ago, don’t know if my eyes will accommodate it now.

  8. Susan Gotthardt

    I was wondering if you have any Pete the cat fabric? I am trying to finish a quilt for my grandson. I’m wondering if you could help me or to direct me. I only need 1 yard.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Susan I used up all the Pete the Cat fabric I had last Christmas when I made pillowcases for the grandkids. Check Hobby Lobby. That’s where I’ve seen Pete the Cat fabric.

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