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I saw in my Facebook feed that one of the local thrift stores was having a bag sale.  Hmm.  I wiggled and worked and wiggled and worked some more to be able to justify a trip to town.  Wednesday as Hubby and I were traveling home from Lacrosse and coming into Decorah, I considerately said, “Hey Kramer…I know you’re tired and groggy from you surgery.  I know we were supposed to get groceries but how about I just pick them up on Saturday instead?”  Tricky of me right??  He agreed.

So Saturday I went to town.

YES.  There is a shopping cart under my pile of shirts.  It was a bag sale so it was $5 for 10 clothing pieces.

Can you believe I found 40 clothing items.  In my defense…One item was for layettes, 2 were shirts for Kramer, 2 shirts were for me and one for Carver.

When I got home…I started doing this….
I thought of the current projects I have going on that need shirts.  If the shirt matched the criteria, I cut off a sleeve.

I ended up with these for my current baby quilt…

and these for the pastel version.

I found a black striped shirt for one of the quilts I’m collecting for and one orange shirt for my Oregon or Bust quilt.

This was the shirt I bought for Carver.  He can dress like Grandpa one day.
…and now here is where I am making a confession.  I am NOT cutting up all the shirts right now.  I know, I know.  I made a commitment to deal with the shirts as they come in BUT…I’ll likely be hanging out with Hubby some here over the next few weeks as he recuperates from the surgery so if I save the shirts until then, I’ll have something to do.  Sounds reasonable…right??  Or it might just be a big fat excuse.  Either way, I’m not cutting them up right now.

So after the thrift store…it was the grocery and then home.  This was cutting into my Saturday sewing time!!

9 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. That’s not an excuse, but very reasonable thinking. That’s a cute shirt for Carver. Prayers for your family. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your thrift store prices just amaze me. Ours are so proud of what they have. Men’s shirts are usually at least $4 a PIECE. You scored, Jo! And as for not cutting up the shirts right now, good idea to make sure you have things to do while you sit with Kramer as he recuperates. I bet you’ll be more busy than you expect, though!

  3. Score!! you did good! I’m never sure how much cutting to do on the shirts that I bring home; a sleeve sounds like a good place to start. (Fairly new to your blog — how do you cut your precious quilt fabric from there?)
    you remain in my thoughts & prayers… pj stitches
    (originally from the Twin Cities; no outside Mount Vernon, MO)

  4. Wow, I want to vacation in your area someday just to visit your thrift stores!! $1.25 a shirt is the cheapest I find here in DFW. And most are 3 to 4 each on half price day! Yes, I’ve started buying some and have 3 patterns I want to use them for but I haven’t actually ever sewed with shirt fabric so I have no idea how many I need. I have found I love deboning them. In my recliner with some good snips clipping away is very relaxing. So taking them with you sounds perfect to me. You both are in my thoughts daily.

  5. Girl, you get the best bargains! I can’t wait to see the paster version of your quilt. Little Carver is going to looks adorable is his shirt. Are those snaps? I got our grandson a 12 month plaid Wrangler onesie with pearl snaps. It was $5.99 but I just had to buy it. Little boy and plaid collar shirts just make me smile.

  6. I dont dare go to the thrift for shirts. Too dangerous. When you are cutting, carefully cut off the collar with the band around it and button. Donate to pet shelter thrift store for dog collars. They are so cute on bigger dogs. My husband took my son to Goodwill and bought 20 really nice shirts. People grow out of them or they are donated after death, etc. Many quality shirts and brand names for little. I came home with nicely pressed long sleeve shirts for my husband at our church yd sale. Someone grew out of them obviously. He wears one occasionally for something new.

  7. I think getting hubby home after the day he had was a blessing and the store trip another day was a win on two fronts. Good thinking if you ask me.

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