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With the topsy turvy life I’ve had, one would think I wouldn’t have had a chance to get any fabric…NOT TRUE.  Well that matters what you are classifying as fabric.

If the thrift stores are open and if the roads are okay, Hubby stops at the thrift store either to or from his doctor’s appointment in Lacrosse.  He always tells me it’s the least he could do to stop being I’ve waited in the waiting room so long.  He’s still a sweetie even with all that is happening with his health.

I told you that I’ve been wanting to work on a pastel more “girly” baby quilt for Kelli in the same style as Kalissa’s baby’s quilt.  Well that means I need pastel-ish colored shirts.  If you’re a quilter who quilts with recycled shirts, you know that finding pastel colored ones is a challenge.  Well lucky for me, I do have quite a stash of them as I’ve been collecting for some time, but I also know I was going to use a lot of them up in this quilt so I thought to look some more and LOOK what I found….THREE pastel shirts all in one haul.

Typically I don’t buy shirts when the are $2 each-too expensive for me.  I typically wait for a bag sale but no sale time was coming up and they had just what I needed so I bought them.

I’m really getting to dig into these fabrics…

but first a few of the other blocks just in case Kelli has a boy…I need more pink…and more neutrals.  More digging is going to happen and the shirts I did get are going to get de-boned.

I love stopping at the thrift store as we travel to and from the appointments… it breaks up the drive and it’s a huge break from the happenings at the doctor’s office.

9 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Great find! I hate to spend $2 on a shirt, but like you, if it’s what I really need I’ll splurge. Thrifting sure does help you get your mind off of things for a little bit. Keeping you and your hubby in my prayers.

  2. $2 is average for a long sleeve shirt down here. And that is on half price day. There is one shop that will have them for $1-$1.50 once in awhile. So I’m kind of picky about which shirts I get. My shirt stash is slowly building. I am praying for your family.

  3. Shirts are generally $6.99-$12.99 at thrift stores around here but we only have big name thrift stores. Wish we had some like you.
    Your Roger does sound like a gem. You seem to have a great relationship. Keep on caring for each other! You’re in my prayers.

  4. Gosh–those shirts are beautiful colors…I would never find them for $2 around here-if I could even find them….love the orange sherbet color….Hugs…I am pulling for Roger….

  5. Wow what a great find! You have a great stash of pastels. Can’t wait to see when you start sewing up your blocks! Roger and you are in my prayers. Hugs to both of you!

  6. Oh, what beautiful pastel greens! How fun to take the time to still do something you both like to do. Even better are the conversations the two of you share as you drive together. Sometimes important ideas and feelings reveal themselves, or things that peeve one of you get aired so they don’t pile up and explode later. Safe driving!

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