Stash Report

I got sent to the dietician.  UGH.

When I went for my regular yearly check up in December my bloodwork came back not ideal. So I got sent to see her.

I’ll tell you about that another day.  This is a STASH REPORT and that’s what I need to get back to.  Well being I was in town I had to stop at the thrift store.  It was the best day!!

I debated about this bag of fabric.  It was $2.  I could see that some fabric were things I wouldn’t use but I guessed I might use a few things…so I bought it.

I figured if I got a fat quarters amount of fabric I liked, it would be worth $2.

I opened the bag, pulled out a few things I knew I didn’t want and there it was….A red polka dot.  $2 was now worth it. Anything else I found would be bonus.
I put the things back in that I didn’t want….
…and saved what I did.  Not too bad.  It’s about 2 1/2 yards worth.

BUT>>>that’s not the part I was so excited about.  THIS IS….Look at all this I found too.

These are the neutrals.  YAHOO!  I always need neutrals.  I was just telling Connie that I so many of the quilts in String Frenzy need neutrals and I hoped to start finding some.  These are WONDERFULLY cute too. All of them have writing on and are the perfect shade of cream that I LOVE.  I definitely would have bought any of these three fabric at the fabric store.  There are 4 yards of fabric between the three pieces.  I paid 50 cents each.

This cute one is only a half yard…

I was thinking Kayla might want it….If not, I’ll keep it.  It was 50 cents.

These two also 50 cents each…the pink is a 5 YARD CUT…the Kansas Troubles on the right is a 1/2 yard.

There was also this bag…$2.
9 fat quarters…all shades of blue.  YAHOO!!

These were all folded like they had come directly from a fabric store.  AH…What a score!!

I tallied things up.
I spent $7.
I got approximately 13 yards of fabric.
I also have fabric that I’ll be donating on to a local charity sewing group.  Oh my.  I was THRILLED!

It would have been around $140 from the fabric store.  What a fun haul!!

17 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. You started the blog by saying sent to dietitian. I had to reread that sentence because at first I thought it was “detention”. Dietitian or detention may be the same. HaHa

  2. were u at the depot, i never have that kind of. luck. Love reading your blog. Sending prayers for your family and hubby.

  3. Hi Jo!
    Oh boy, I love those neutrals you found! Is now the time to admit I have all 3 in my stash? LOL The one with the printed, sort of newspapery look is a real favorite. Have fun with them!

  4. You find the best fabric for practically nothing! I love that leaf print. Leaf and fall fabrics get me every time. Good score for sure!

  5. Great finds! I always look for fabric at thrift stores, too. Sometimes I’m lucky, sometimes I’m not, but the only way to find out is to go in and look!

    In the third picture, it looks like there’s a panel where you make something and the instructions are right on the fabric. When I find those cheap or free, I take the instruction part and use that for a (usually) black-on-white low-volume. Some people would think it was wasteful, but if I got it for cheap or free, it means whoever had it wasn’t interested in making the thing, and I might as well get some good use out of it, Sometimes I can use the rest of the fabric, too, cutting it small enough, and sometimes the rest of the fabric gets donated to a charity that just wants any fabric and doesn’t care much what it is.

    Thanks for sharing your stash! I always enjoy seeing fabric finds.

  6. Carolyn Sullivan

    I never find Fabrics at St Vincent DePauls. But yesterday I found a black queen sized quilt batting! It was marked $7 but the clerk said no it was $3!!! and we got a senior discount! SCORE

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