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Ooops…this one posted too soon.  Here’s a retry.

Remember Kalissa and I went to Hobby Lobby not to long ago…well, some fabric came home with me.

I’m still on my fabric diet.  I’ve bought very little fabric that isn’t thrifted or from an auction since May or so of last year.  “Legal” is anything I need to finish a project.  I also said “legal” was a birthday present of fabric to myself but I didn’t even do that.

So what am working on that needs fabric???  Geese on a String from Bonnie Hunter’s new book String Frenzy.  I decided on purple and pink fabric.

When Bonnie Hunter first started talking about this quilt, she had something on her blog that readers could string along.  I was excited for that.  She made hers from recycled shirt strings.  I didn’t have many at the time but had lots of other strings so I used them instead.  I ended up with these string triangle centers.

I let my string centers sit and waited until Bonnie showed what she did with hers.  Ah..I was so disappointed when I saw her design.  Not with the design….that I didn’t do my triangles with shirts.  Now I had to completely rethink what I was going to do with these string triangles as what I had would NEVER work with her colors.

Here is Bonnie’s design:
So I added the funky white based neutrals to the sides of the triangles instead of the cheddar ones she has.

Then I started to try to decide what to do with the four patches and the green around them.

About then I realized that I had WAY too many triangles.  Even if I made the quilt a little bigger.  I had enough for TWO quilts.  That’s when I decided these would be for the next two oldest childcare kiddos I have.  I liked the idea of making them similar but not the same.  So…

I am making pink four patches for one quilt and purple for other.  The pink four patch quilt will be surrounded with purple and the purple four patch with pink.

I didn’t have enough solid of purple or pink so…to Hobby Lobby I went.

I’m kind of anxious to see how the quilts will turn out.  My colors are so different from the original that it’s hard for me to imagine.

I hope the girls like them.  Neither of these have a deadline which is nice.  I work on them as time allows.  I’d like to have them finished by Christmas at the latest….maybe give them for their birthday…I’m not sure.

I’m so happy with myself that I’ve been so good with not spending a lot of money on fabric.  I used to be terrible.

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  1. I think that all “patterns” and “color schemes” are like a recipe–you add and delete to your tastes–and Bonnie Hunter loves it when we use her patterns and use our spin on it—weather it be colors, fabrics. settings, etc, She encourages us to use our own colors, fabrics, etc. So go with what you have started and give a nod to Bonnie for your end result. None of my BH quilts are exactly like hers, but I always say where the pattern came from—as to what I say about the quilts I have made from your patterns–

  2. I think both quilts will be pretty and loved! This year I started a Fabric In and Fabric Out tally. I don’t count my existing stash. I count whatever fabric comes in the door, donated or purchased. Then I count all the fabric I used up in a quilt or donated. I started Jan 1 so it isn’t too late to start. Just guesstimate. I think the box I sent you was about 12 yds. I think you might be in trouble with all the fabric that is sent to you and picked up at thrifts. But then, you do send a lot out, sheets, etc.
    My tally so far
    Fabric in 17 3/4 yds plus 2 layer cakes
    Fabric Out 23 yds
    However, I haven’t counted Good Fortune yet so that will be a chunk out. Have fun!

  3. I like the colors Bonnie Hunter uses in her quilts, but I always LOVE the colors you choose for her patterns! Good luck with the health news tomorrow, and with the new grand babies coming soon!

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