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I have an auction happening here on the blog.  Check it out at HERE.  I have vintage quilts, quilt tops and linens up for sale.  The auction ends Monday at 5pm Central time.

With all the cleaning I’ve been doing in my sewing room one would think I could pass up the fabric at the thrift store….um.  Nope.  I couldn’t do it.  I just couldn’t.

Kalissa and Carver were with me.  Kalissa has read the book  How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind by Dana K. White that I’ve been raving about.  As I was digging through the fabric, Kalissa said to me…”Really Mom…do you really want to bring that into your house?”  She was teasing me…but right then and there I decided that even though I want less in my sewing room doesn’t mean I have to quit supporting charities.  So I dug…

…and I found this small quilt top.  It was $5.  The blocks are super scrappy.  I’ll happily pass this on to a charity.  I couldn’t see it sit there when it could be doing some good.

I bought this table runner.  It’s not quilted or bound.  I bought this as I’m often asked for a donation to give and this could quickly be finished up and donated without me having to put a lot of time into it.  This was more expensive than usual…$8 but I figured it could save me a lot of time.

I also found this….again, $8….
I opened them up to find these…Yep, I took them home too.  I’ll happily pass them on to a charity as well.  They are cute and would make a quick donation quilt.
These blocks have to be laid out this way.  I tried to lay them all horizontally but then the seams don’t match up.  This way there was no worry as there are no matching seams.

AH >>> but why are there only 19 blocks??  One more almost needs to be made so that there are are 20 blocks for a 4 x 5 setting.  This could be why they were donated.  The person petered out and didn’t have the 20th block in them!!  I think we’ve all been there.

I bought two pieces of fabric too.  In all those great half finished projects I got, there was very little fabric.  That surprised me.  Typically when someone cleans out their sewing room there is lots of both….but someone could have came through and bought much of the fabric.
If you’re interested in both of the scrappy projects above for baby quilts for your charity drop me a note.  Let me know about your charity and I’ll pass them on.  You’ll need to send back pictures of the finished project and let me know where it was donated to.  Here’s my email…

It was a fun thrifty day….

13 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Jo,
    Did you notice that the red/ white HST on the bottom row is turned the wrong way on the table runner with the brown border? Thought you might want to fix it or make mention of it before it was passed on or quilted. I really like the pattern.

  2. The small $5 top is Bonnie Hunter’s “Crayon Box” pattern from her free pattern list. I make it all the time for Project Linus!

  3. Jay in Nebraska

    Those 19 blocks are just like the ones that I am working on to be donated as a raffle quilt. Lucky find! If I would have found them I would have added them to the quilt I am working on and cut my time in half. Great finds!

  4. You always find the neatest things. No such luck where I live but I try to remember I’m into year five of trying to use up what I have…….w/o much luck but still plugging. You found some great things this trip.

  5. Oh Diann, THANK YOU! I also am trying to use up what I have and have been feeling bogged down and like I am not making much progress. Your comment shows me that it will take TIME-it took time to acquire, it will take time to use up. I started watching Kondo’s show on Netflix, very interesting to me. Sunday sewing after church! YAHOOO!

  6. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

    Great finds….and super rescue! I am also trying to use up instead of accumulating so I don’t go searching much anymore. I do miss the excitement of a good find!

  7. Jo, I would happily finish both of those quilts for our guilds charity The Red Bird Project which supports children in one of the poorest areas of Kentucky. You find the best stuff at your thrift shops

  8. Kristine Warner

    I recently bought a package of fabric strips at a 2nd hand store. Inside were all batiks, 8 finished blocks . I am working on these. I have one complete top of pinks and blues. I had companion pieces that matched in my Stash. Yay for the stash!

  9. Jo,
    Did you notice the red/ white HST block on the bottom row is turned. Easier to fix before it’s quilted. This is on the first $8 table runner. I enjoy your blog and am in awe of how much you accomplish. Thanks for your daily reports.

  10. beverly a schwartz

    could be someones mother died and they don’t sew so they were getting rid of the stuff my daughter told me thats what shes gonna do to mine

  11. Julie Anne Hutcherson

    About those 19 blocks, if you lay them on point, in a 3/2/3/2/3/2/3 pattern, you will use 18 of them and not have to make another one that will be hard to match, the leftover one can go in the orphan bin…

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