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Remember I told you I was on a fabric diet.  (read about it here if you missed it)  Well the premise of the “fabric diet” was to buy less fabric.  It’s been a huge success for me.  I don’t think I’ve bought any fabric from an actual quilt store in month…(I think about 10 months)  I’ve bought thrifted and auction fabric but none from a fabric store!

Well I caved.  But it’s not for me.

The fabric is all for projects I’ll be gifting.
The fuzzy yellow is a tag blankies for the new grand babies that we are expecting.

The printed fabric will all be pillow cases.  My friend Connie is the queen of pillowcase giving.  I have loved the pillowcases she gave me.  They always make me smile so when I saw these prints I just knew I needed to get the fabric.  Check it out close up….This is baking themed.

This one is knitting themed.

This on is religious.  I’m always looking for like “pick me up” things for my niece Jody as she fights through another round of chemotherapy.  I think this is a pillowcase for her is PERFECT!!

I think the grandsons or childcare kiddos will get a pillowcase of this.

While I was on the site I saw a pattern for this quilt….

Image result for girl next door quilt

In a moment of weakness I bought the pattern.  It came with my fabric order.

WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT in a pattern.  This is the cover of the pattern.

There is absolutely not one single picture of the full quilt included in the pattern.  Look at the cover of the pattern…that’s all you get.  UGH.

I paged through all of the pattern…no picture.  Well, there is a black and white image of how to put the blocks together…no color picture at all.  ZERO.

What a huge disservice to quilters wanting to replicate the quilt with similar colors or for that matter anyone who buys the pattern.  UGH.

I’d love to return it but it’s no fault of the Etsy shop owner who sold the pattern to me.

This has made me not want to make the quilt.  UGH.  It was a whim purchase I should have taken out of my cart….this only proves that point to me!!

So…with that, I’m back on my diet.  I don’t know that this really breaks my diet or is a cheat even.  This was all for gifting except the pattern.  I’m simply making a fabric gift vs purchasing a gift.  I’m no worried about it however it’s counted.

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  1. What fun fabrics for pillowcases! I typically don’t buy a lot of patterns. I go to the bookstore, grab all the quilting magazines, look through them and buy the ones with patterns I like. Sometimes I don’t buy any magazines and sometimes I buy several. I quit subscribing because so many times I didn’t like any of the quilts. Also with the magazines, they always include a full picture of the complete quilt and usually great instructions.

  2. Jo, put a review on the Etsy site. That pattern is ridiculous! A full vibrant color photo is a must IMO.

    DARLING fabrics!

  3. Jo, I see you are on Instagram, use #girlnextdoorquilt and you should find some great pictures of the quilt that other quilters have sewn. I agree that a full color picture of the quilt should have been included but use your imagination and this is a perfect scrap quilt.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    It’s good you kept your promise to yourself of not buying materials just to buy. Buying a gift is a whole different project. The quilt pattern you bought is a major disappointment. Do what you think is necessary. I enjoy your reports.

  5. I bought this pattern also and just loved the picture, but now it looks like I need many templates and I can only find the thin plastic to cut my own. I do not have luck with thin templates. I asked the hardware store to cut a few thicker ones, but it would cost a dollar a cut and they have several sides to cut, so I put the pattern on hold. Oh well….maybe later. Sandra

  6. If you would like to make paperpieced girls and boys check out #saphrequiltywish. @saphre1964 has sewn many different versions of her kids and has stories to go with them. She should put them in a book! She has a free pattern for them, I believe on Etsy. It all started with her making a charity quilt with the “kids”.

  7. Why not print out the picture of the full quilt and tuck it in with your pattern for future reference? I agree that it is nice to have a full color picture, but not having one wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me. And by not having one, I’d be less likely to be influenced by the original fabric choices.

  8. The free pattern by saphre1964 is on Craftsy, not Etsy. If you search at Craftsy for “saphre1964” you’ll find it. Things have been changing at Craftsy, they closed many designers’ pattern stores at the end of December. In two days, their name will change from “Craftsy” to “Bluprint”. The pattern is still there, for now. Might be a good idea to go get it!

  9. Jo, I recently bought this pattern. My cover shot wasn’t as zoomed in as yours. Waiting to see if my first grandbaby is a girl or a boy!

  10. I had to laugh when I read your comments regarding the pattern you purchased. First because you had a picture you posted which you could have printed off. But second, because you are so original with your fabric choices that I can’t imagine you following the pattern maker’s lead. I think you would have made a totally unique “Jo’s” quilt and it would have been beautiful.

  11. Your pillowcase fabric is great – I’m in the midst of doing this too. It’s a Christmas gift. I have what I call a Pillowcase club for Christmas that I give to family. I make 3 pillowcases for them through out the year and they pick the fabric and I make them – makes for a fun Christmas gift one year and lots of sewing the next. Now my problem is finding the fabric!

  12. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    That pattern is sew cute. I would love to make it. But certainly not done well. Good for your diet though.

  13. Cute fabrics! I’m trying to be good too. (Wish me luck!) Maybe you can contact the pattern designer and ask about a pic of the full quilt. They may be able to email you one (or you can use the one you included in your post). Looking forward to seeing your progress on that project. It’s really cute.

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