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I always look at fabric at every thrift store.  Sometimes I find it…sometimes I don’t.  Over the summer I had found fabric most ever time at one of the stores but now I don’t find much at all.

One of the other stores, I’ve rarely found fabric at but this time, I did!!  As I was walking by the Christmas things I saw FABRIC!!  Yep, they put fabric in with the Christmas things as it was Christmas fabric.

So then I immediately went to the place where fabric is thinking if someone donated this, then there must be more.

There was…the cream piece too…and then (wait for it) SCRAP BAGS!!!

This is what I ended up with.

The one scrap bag says $1.25 but it’s not the store sticker.  The store sticker said $1.50.

I normally don’t buy Christmas fabric but I’ve been doing string and scrap quilts.  Cut up, no one knows or cares if there is Christmas fabric thrown in the mix.  I know I don’t.  I’m working on Hunter’s Star right now which is a red and white/cream quilt so I’m stripping this up and throwing it in the scrap box.

So this is want I found in the first scrap bag….
It sorted out like this….Everything will go to it’s scrap storage from here.

The second bag had LOTS more in it.  I couldn’t tell from holding the two bags but once opened I sure could tell.
Here it all is sorted…first the brights.  Some of these might go to Kelli for her to put in her scrap vortex quilt if she needs more fabric.  

These pieces were pretty funky. Normally a little too funky for me but I’m going to throw them in the bucket for strings and scraps.  Cut down they’ll be perfect to add a zing of bright color.

There were dark fabric mixed in too.
I was most excited about this…perfect for my Hunter’s Star quilt.
Some people wouldn’t be thrilled with these 3 1/2″ square.  I am!!  I’ll cut these in half and use them as the last piece on my string blocks.  They work PERFECT for that!!

This piece was in there…it’s cute but not my style either.  I think this is light enough that I’ll string this up and use this with my cream colored strings.  I’ll at least try one strip and see.
All tolled, this was my haul.  Total $5.  It ended up filling a grocery store sack.  
PERFECT.  I’m thrilled with the find.  I always love some scraps to make enhance the scraps I already have.  Oh, I just love scrap quilts..and working with scraps and pieces that others would consider “giveaways”.

It was a great day on the fabric front.

8 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I need to find some better thrift stores. The goodwill near me never has quilting fabric. The only fabric I ever see there is crazy old upholstery fabric, or 1980’s polyester.

  2. Do you wash your thrift store scraps as needed? Do you have any hints? My method seems like a lot of work. Thanks so much for your blog. I check in with you every morning with my coffee. I am a transplanted Iowa girl, and have similar antique, childcare and quilt interests. Bless you!

  3. I do believe your “funky” fabric with the stylized cats is Laurel Burch fabric. Actually quite desirable fabric. Laurel has passed away but her son is continuing her business. I have LB earrings that I bought in the 90s there are LB socks and purses as well as fabric for sale at one of the big fabric stores here in Phoenix and I see her fabric, etc at Road to California quilt show every year. Oh, I have several of her purses too.

  4. Oh Jo, you have the most interesting stories to entertain us. Keep it up as I really enjoy your musings. Fabulous fabric finds. I loved your sewing machine tales. I am going back to read again. Yes, Laurel Burch is a favorite of mine. I have a kit to make of hers, a wall quilt, and now I better get to it.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  5. Love the idea of those Scrap Bags, I would love them. Quilt Shops here (UK) used to do a few of these but I haven’t seen any for ages and they were still not cheap!

  6. Great results from your thrifty finds. I am green with envy over that second scrap bag and all the treasures it held! Like others, I rarely find fabric here in our thrift stores, but I will always be looking!
    Recently I scored: a large white cotton window valance with embroidered grass and cute little insects climbing up the grasses; a kit to applique a PEACE sign printed on nice heavy cotton, a purple and lavender cotton window valance with flowers and stripes; two cotton brand new window valances in blue with multi-colored fat commas on them. All these will be great for kids quilts for donation which I am in the process of making now.

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