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I recently told you that there hasn’t been much fabric at the thrift stores lately…that’s okay.  I really don’t need more…it’s just fun and I do give away a lot that I buy.


I finally got through all of the fabric that I bought at the auction I went to before Thanksgiving.

Remember this picture of my living room and all the boxes of fabric I bought?

All of this got sorted.  There was some heavier weight fabric…a couple pieces that weren’t cotton but the majority or was large pieces of fabric perfect for backings.  I ended up keeping about 8 pieces…the rest was distributed out to various charity quilters.

Then I went up into my sewing room and decided it was time to get real about my stash.  I’ve had a bookshelf full of backing fabric.  I used to keep so much as I was quilting so many charity quilts.  With the shoulder as it is, I’ve sent out most of the charity quilt tops I’ve had.  (My shoulder is actually good but not what it was.  I can do my own quilts but I can tell that doing LOTS of quilting on the quilting machine isn’t what it is best for my shoulder)

In light of that, how many backings do I need???  I ended up taking what was good for backings from the auction box and added backing from my stash until the boxes were full.  Yep.  Those three boxes at the beginning of this blog entry are all full of backings for quilts.

I still have too many backings.   I sent out a lot of fabric but still have lots of 100% cotton sheets. If there is a charity out there that uses 100% cotton sheets to back their quilts, please contact me.  I will happily send you a big box of used sheets that are in good condition.  I have often used good sheets and have never had a problem with them.  I simply don’t need so many as, I’m not getting them used and likely won’t.  Here’s my email.

I’m trying really hard to get a better focus on my sewing room.  I recently listened to an audio book that I HIGHLY recommend, How to Manage your Home Without Losing your Mind and the companion book Decluttering at the Speed of Life.  It’s really made me think through what I have and what I want to have.

The books are the best cleaning/decluttering books I’ve ever read and I find myself doing what the book says.  That was easy with the house….with my sewing room, not as easy.  I’m trying though.  There’s a chapter about dreams and decluttering them….It really hit home for me in the sewing room and that’s what’s prompted my big push to look at my sewing room a little more realistically.

I have reviews of the books planned and I have another post about my sewing room and how I’m meshing some of the ideas from the book with my life.

I can say this…the books have been excellent for me so far.  If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas idea…the books are tops!

In the meantime…some charities are really going to be happy with my gift of fabric…I am too!!

So is this going to stop my buying of fabric at the thrift stores?  NO WAY.  I’m simply going to donate more.  I love the hunt and I love buying and donating.

5 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. They will love you. I am always thrilled when someone give me backing fabric for charity quilts. I had to beg last year to finish the 22 that I had for the Women’s Shelter.

  2. I’m throwing my charity hat in the ring but only after you hear from others that may need your sheets. I quilt for Lutheran World Relief with my quilt guild and we have lots of tops finished but few backings and I am the backing fixer. So, I dont want to be greedy and maybe there is someone who really needs it but know, that Lutherans in Florida will happily take sheets!

  3. I just finished reading the decluttering book yesterday!. You’re right, it is very helpful in getting the right mindset. You’ve done much better than me in actually doing the decluttering. I got one bag out and still need to get the rest of my fabric and craft supplies.

  4. I finished the first book and am ready to start the decluttering book. I’m good about everything but my fabric stash. I have given oodles away to other charity sewers but I’m receiving more fabric from gals de-stashing their fabric. They know I can distribute to others. I’ve been keeping way to much for my charity sewing and know I need to give more away!

  5. I”m in the process of de-stashing. I have bagged up some fabric for certain projects, but the rest have been given to a lady I know who is involved in 3 different quilt making charities. Confession time – I was overwhelmed and don’t have anyone to leave my fabric to. This way I know it’s going to good use. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

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