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I stopped at the thrift store.  Lately I’ve not had awesome thrift store luck.  The prices seem to have increased and it’s been picked over.  I’ve had much better luck at auctions.  I was hopeful when I went in though….Look what greeted me.

BE STILL MY HEART.  If you’ve read the blog long, you know I am a WOOD girl.  I love all things wood.  I adore all things wood.  I want all things wood.  I checked the price tag.  $250.  No steal but this I would keep.  I stood right next to it and thought and thought and thought.  Where could I put it?  $250 was a fine price if I had a place for it.  I opened the doors.  All work.  I opened the drawers…All seemed good.  Oh my.  THINK JO KRAMER!!  WHERE CAN YOU PUT THIS.

I decided in the kitchen.  The piece we redid, we would sell.  This would go there.  Would it be too much??  I didn’t care.  I wanted it.  It’s so stinking cute.  The mirror portiong was a working flour bin.  AH….would it fit there in the kitchen.  I didn’t care.  I was getting it and would worry about it later.

I walked towards the register to get a sold sign and saw this…

Aw.  SADNESS.  It’s veneer and the veneer is really damaged.  AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BUMMER, bummer, bummer.  On my own, I might have bought it anyway, but Hubby would have had a fit.  Veneer lifting is his arch nemisses.

I was on a downer mood then.  Ah, I loved that cabinet.  I had loved it a lot.

So with heavy feet I continued roaming the store.  Then I found this table.  YAHOO!!  $8.  I’ve been looking and looking for something like this.  I want to have Hubby cut the legs down to kid sized and have a bigger table for the childcare kids.

I didn’t love the white legs…I’ll paint them.  I’d have prefered a darker top but this would be fine.  Someday I could refinish that and make it darker for now, this will do.  $8 is a wonderful price.  I had priced them in the childcare supply stores.  UGH…they are $200.  $8 I can handle….$200, um no.  (unless of course it would have been that cabinet.)

So I went and got a sold sign and put it on the table….then back to roaming.

I had looped around the store.  Nothing else.  No fabric either.  That’s VERY unusual.  Then I decided to check the kids clothing.  When Kalissa work late and Craig has a meeting I often end up giving Carver a bath.  I could use a couple pair of jammers.  Carver recently moved up a size and Kalissa didn’t have a lot of spares so I’d check.  I found a pair.   Yahoo…then as I started to walk to the counter, a stocker gal came out with a laundry basket of fabric.  YES!!!

Here’s what I picked out.

These are the bundles that were rubber banded.

This one was my favorite.  There should be enough for a background print on something…likely a Civil War project.

I bought these four bags of miscellaneous.

One had this.   I ended up pulling the fabric on the right for charity.

Another bag….I’m working on a fall quilt.  These might make it into there.

Here was a baby panel.

I don’t know if I love it.  The panels are oriented in different ways.  They don’t all go in the same direction.  Hmmm…I’m thinking on this one.

This was the other bag.  The piece on the left is going charity way.

So I ended up with this pile of keepers.

There was 22.5 yards.

This is the pile for charity.  2.5 yards.

The total fabric cost…  $19.50.  Not too bad.

So as sad as I was that the cabinet was a no go, I sure was happy to find some other things.  It ended up being a good thrift store day after all.

9 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    Send hubby a pic and go back and get that cabinet. It is super cute and you will always regret it! The arched top is soooo cute. Just put that veneer side up against a wall. You can polish it up! And because it is damaged, haggle the price. You can do it Jo!

  2. Love that cabinet too! I agree with Carol, show hubby and go get that cabinet and talk them down on the price! I have never seen one like that! Great score on the fabric!

  3. I think that cabinet says Jo on it and I would also haggle the price with the damage. I like your idea of cutting the legs down on the table and make it the right size and for 6 bucks, wow.

  4. That baby panel would make good centers for a log cabin quilt that could easily be either sex child.
    I’m with your husband on veneer. Patching it is almost impossible.

  5. Love your thrifting posts. I don’t get to go a often as I would like so I live vicariously through you and your great finds. I am the one who one the embroidered animal blocks. I will be sure to let you know what I end up using them for! Your auctions are fun too.

  6. That cabinet is totally cool except that gosh darn veneer. It’s too bad your husband is working such long hours now, as he could take a look and see how much and where the cabinet is solid wood and where it is veneer. Really if the surface you would be using is veneer then you wouldn’t want it any way
    Love that mirror, mirrors make spaces seem larger and move light around.
    Then the other table and fabrics make one kind of forget about an old cabinet

  7. Oh do we have a lot in common!
    Quilting. ..YES YES!!
    Scrap quilting is something I really really love. Looking forward to your post. Hope you went back and got that cabinet!
    Veneer can be patch. Find and keep an old piece to salvage pieces to cutson fit your new finds that need repaired!

  8. That really was a neat cabinet you wanted. Too bad it was veneer. Since you have pictures of it, maybe hubby could build you one with some reclaimed wood in his stash? (Bat the eyelashes and look cute when you ask — ha! ha!)

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