Stash Report

This is a very easy stash report….nothing in …..nothing out…well at least that’s the way I am counting it.

Technically I did buy suit jackets for a total of $12.  I cut up the suits for the wool….I really did catch a “wool bug”.  I had suspected that I caught the “bug”, a couple weeks ago, but the purchase of the suit coats confirms it.

My pile here is four of the men’s suits….I have a red and a purple one too….those were actually in the ladies blazer section.

If you are thinking about doing a few wool projects but the cost of wool is intimidating, shop you local garage sales and Goodwill type stores.  I can always find wool there.  Typically I can find the suits for about $2 each.  The sleeves and backs of the suit are always usable.  Often times the front of the suit has some type of fusible stuck to it so I don’t use that part.  When many wools are $30 a yard, using men’s suits is super cheap.  Later in the week I’ll show you a couple projects I have been working on that use wool.

11 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Interesting to buy the old suits. I have a lot of Dad’s old striped shirts that I am cutting up to make some quilts. Looking forward to see what you are making.


  2. Hi Liz!
    I am drooling all over those lovely pieces of wool!! Score!! Can’t wait to see what you make…also…the front of the jackets-I wash them with the rest of the jacket and pull the fusing off after it comes from the dryer (softens the fusing up). Try it.
    Take care and happy stitching!

  3. I’m not much into wool, but gal you scored! I’ve needed wool on two occassions over the last couple of years. Both times to make dolls. My dolls are cats and wow is it difficult to find wool in yardage the color of cats. I’ve been looking for a rust color without success now for a year or so. Your suggestion of 2nd hand shops is a terrific one. If you are interested in seeing Kevin and Koraline check out my website I’ll bet your girls will love the headbands you’ve created.

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