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It was slim pickins’ at the thrift store as far as fabric goes.  Again they had TONS of polyester and silky fabric but very little cotton.  I didn’t find any at the main thrift store I go to but I did get a bag of ribbons and Goodwill came through with two pieces of fabric.

I opened up the fabric….there were 3 1/2 yards in the large one…the smaller one- only two yards.  It was a great deal but I was slightly cheated.  Typically it’s $1 a yard and technically the $3 bundle was more than a $1 a yard  ( I am totally teasing…I don’t mind a bit)  Where can you spend $6.50 and get enough fabric to back a quilt!!!

About the bag of ribbons.  The bag was $1.50.  It was a gallon bag.  I was thrilled.

I’ve wanted ribbon to make a couple tag animals like the one below….I told you about the elephant before.  I got him at a craft show.  This bag had LOTS of pink ribbon so I think I’ll make a “girlish” one first.


I blogged about the elephant previously and provided links for lots of other tag animals.  You can find that here.

I’m hoping to dig out the fabric and make one of these.  I for sure have enough ribbon now!!  It wasn’t a big haul from the thrift store…but exactly something I could use which is perfect!

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  1. Since you found the great stash of ribbon, you could also make a square or rectangle taggie with ribbons all around.

  2. Waffle irons: from my experience over the last 3 years of shopping–it is nearly impossible to find one like you had. Wattage is lower, few have the standard 4 waffle grids and even heating is hard to find. Good luck and please let us know what you buy. My guess is auctions or thrift stores are your best source.

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