Stash Report

I was thrifting and found some goodies.

Here’s my haul.

I was excited about this…Cross Stitch fabric!!  It’s 28 count linen.  I do small projects from time to time and this will come in handy for that…I love when thrifting makes my hobbies more affordable.  It was 50 cents for this piece.

This next piece was $3.  I measure and it’s 3 1/4 yards.  I am thinking it will likely be a quilt backing someday.

This next piece was in the bin, unmarked.  That means it’s 50 cents.  They didn’t think this piece was “desirable” so that’s why there is no special marking on it.  There is 2 1/4 yards in the bunch.  I can see this blending nicely with recycled shirt fabric.

This was my “steal” of the day…..There are 3 pieces of fabric.  One says $5 for 6 =/- yards.  Another says $2 for 2 yards and the other says $3 for 3 =/- yards.  I immediately grabbed the big piece.  Then I started debating about the other two….did I need them?  Could I get another backing out of them.  How much is the + or the – sign.

Then I thought “oh my word”.  BUY IT before someone else grabs it.  The fabric is the perfect neutral color with a light print in it and would match MANY quilts.  I’m sure for the $10 I spent on the fabric that I can get two nice backings from it.  Who backs a quilt for only $5??

People always question whether the fabric I get is “quality” fabric.  YES…this is Benartex fabric.

So that’s today’s haul.

Another question I get is how do I use all the fabric being I find so much….Every so often I purge and a bunch gets sent out.  I never feel bad about giving it away as I rarely spend more than $1 per yard for fabric anymore.  I am often told how lucky I am that I have thrift stores like I do…I think it’s more then luck….it’s a blessing…and that’s why I give so freely.  Sharing a blessing is the best, and knowing more will be provided for me is even better!!

5 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    I never find anything like that at thrifts but then, I never go there either. I’m usually looking for shirts and have a closet full. Do you need any shirts?

  2. The neutral fabric will make a really nice backing and it was a steal. I love when I find something I can use at a great price. I enjoy the browsing as does my husband.

  3. I hit four thrift stores this weekend while visiting my sister and got some great deals on fabric! I got two neutral Moda fabrics! One store was half price! One store was really pricey on the fabric but they also had a discount! All the fabric ended up costing $1-2 a yard and I got 8 yards! I also found QOV fabric labels for .99! I rarely find fabric at the thrift stores near me! What a fun afternoon!

  4. I hate when someone makes a remark about ‘quality’ fabric. As long as it feels nice and isn’t thin, I will use it. I don’t care if it came from Walmart, Joann Fabric or the trash bin. Feed sacks were far from quality fabric and look how long some of those quilts lasted. Anyway, my rant is over. Glad you found some fabric to be used for quilting. pam

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