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I was thrifting.  I walked into the door of my favorite one and I saw a basket.  I love these baskets.  I have a couple of them.  I made a bee line for the basket.  In my mind I thinking it couldn’t possibly be for sale.  Someone must have brought it in with them.  NOPE.  It was for sale.  It was $8.  That’s more than half price of a new one.  I really adore the baskets and I quickly grabbed it up.  This one was going home with me.

So rather than carry around an empty basket, I went and filled it with fabric.  Fabric and a basket…this was going to be a good day!!

Here’s what I got.

These were in a bag I purposely bought thinking I’d add these to my batik collection….

I also got this stack….safety pinned together.  50 cents for this much.

All are 21″ wide…various lengths.  Perfect for a start to a Civil War reproduction quilt.  I love the top print.

I also threw a few pieces in that will mostly go on for charity quilting groups.

These are going on to charity…..

These are going in my stash.

I’m happy with my little finds but I’m ecstatic about the basket!!  I’ve used it a lot already.

6 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    That is a nice basket! I can’t believe you find so much fabric while thrifing. I never see any. Of course, I dont thrift very much either. Twice a year maybe! I watched The Guernsey and Potato Peel Pie Club last night on netflix, per your recommendation. Loved it. It was a Downton Abbey cast!

  2. Love your posts on great finds in thrift stores! I think your thrift stores are cheaper than ones in my area! Enjoy your quilting posts too!!!

  3. What a cute basket, I love to put my projects in them as I work making the pieces, so easy to keep together and move around my sewing room

  4. You just gave me hope! I’m on the prowl for one of those baskets. They sell them at so many events that a few have to wind up in the thrift shops now and then…or so I’ve been telling myself. Thanks for proving my theory!

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