Stash Report

Sometimes I hit it big…other times, not so much.

Recently I went to town with the promise of an auction, garage sales and thrifting.  I was so excited.

I got into town….the garage sales were a bust.  Thrifting was not fabulous.  The auction- meh.  See it happens to me too.  I go thrifting and sometimes don’t find much too.

But back to my auction.  The gal the runs the Just Precious Vintage shop in Decorah was at the sale.  It’s kind of awkward seeing people I know at sales especially when I know I’ll likely be bidding against them on a few things.  The thing I wanted was a button collection that was there.  Oh my.  It was in a frame- probably about 18″ X 24″.  It was a nice collection.  I bid and bid and bid but stopped at $45.  I shouldn’t have gone that high.  UGH.  I wanted though…but I didn’t get it.  After that there wasn’t much more I was even interested.  Everything was in that awful 1980’s to 2000’s era..nothing collectible…nothing that holds value.  Nothing I could sell…nothing I wanted so I packed up the few things I did buy, bought groceries and headed towards home.

Before I got all the way out of town I decided to stop at Goodwill quick.  I found these….

I opened the bundles to find….
Three yards in each bundle.  That’s awesome as that means there is enough for a constant fabric.  If I’m going to not buy fabric at a fabric store for awhile, I’ll likely need these.

The two striped pieces will work great for a shirt quilt…so I guess my day wasn’t a complete bust.  I found a good nice 100% cotton sheet for a charity quilt too.

That’s the way it goes when you’re a thrifter, garage saler, and auction goer.  Sometimes you get a truck load and the next time…not much at all.

4 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. So true. I went to the Salvation Army thrift shop the other day for books for my Mom and they were 10 cents each. Score! Our thrift stores never have fabric like the quality that you find.

  2. The lighter stripe would make pretty pillowcases too. Maybe with a tucked and piped cuff or a pretty contrasting solid cuff. I think it’s so pretty!

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