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WOW, the thrift stores have been giving me more fabric than I can possibly use lately.  I don’t need it all but it’s so hard to say no to it.  For now, I not saying no.  I’m buying it up and at some point I’ll sort through some of my stuff and move some on to the charity groups.

Remember last week that I said I found those Kaffe Fassett fabrics….well this week, there was more.

I’m sure this is a Kaffee fabric.  Yes, 2 yads for $2.  I’m so excited for their new marking system.  Before I had no idea how much was in each bundle.

This one is a Kaffee too.

I am just thrilled.  I am going to make some of the quilts in the book Linda gifted us.  This one!

There were more striped prints in the bunch.  I think these aren’t Kaffe’s though.  These are more of a heavier home spun.  They can easily mix in though.  I’m thrilled with them.  This pack was $1.50.  There were 13 different pieces.

The other bunch had 21 in it.  This one was $2.  The pieces in each of these bags were about fat 1/8 sized.

There was a bag of rectangles of the same fabrics.  There were just over 240 of these.  This bag was $2.

I was telling Kayla about the whole experience.  We both believe in what we both joke as “Goodwill Karma”.  If you wish it, it comes.  Well I’ve been wishing for some Kaffe fabrics to make one of the quilts in this book ever since Linda sent it and then the fabric shows up.  WOW.  (Yes, we know it’s God)

We did start to wonder how our thrift store processes fabric though.  We wondered if a whole bunch was donated, they processed it and threw it into a big bin…then when the baskets out front are empty, they will fill it with whatever they grab out of the processed bin in the back.  It amazes me that I could find striped fabric on TWO different days only about a week apart.  Whatever it is…I’m loving it.  I’m getting close enough that pretty soon I’m going to have to pick a project to make!!  Yahoo!!

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  1. That book looks like a winner !! Do you know how lucky you are to have it ?? The price I saw was OUTRAGEOUS !! I’ve never seen a quilt book that expensive ! Am I looking in the wrong places ?

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