Stash Report

I hit the thrift store and scored some fabric again.  This was in a couple bags…it was $7.50 total.

Sorry the picture turned out blurry.  The little stack in the upper corner is 3 1/2″ squares that are all matching.  So all of this together could make a baby quilt.

Here it all is in a better picture.

This little pile is the start of a bright scrap vortex quilt for me.  I gave all of my last batch of scraps all to Kelli.  I’m sure she has enough to make one (or two) so I’m starting to save for myself again.  By the way…that yellow polka dot is a Grunge fabric!!  Grunge + polka dot = LOVE!

I got these two bags too.  I was only going to get one then thought no…get them both.  

I opened them up to find this….At first I thought WOW!!

Then I tried to figure out why the edges don’t match…Here’s why.

The seam allowances are a mess.  There are plenty more pieces to make a nice sized baby quilt….But oh, does one leave it as is and just square it all up or what?  I finally decided I’m not going to be the one to but it all together.  If anyone wants to tackle it, let me know.  I’ll mail it on.  If not, it’s going in the box of fabric for the charity group.

I’m so thankful to all of the people who donate their unwanted item to the thrift store.  They have NO IDEA how much I love and appreciate all of their things!  It just makes me happy, so happy, to find some goodies.

7 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Why don’t you just make one of the dogs in the family a quilt out of that. They won’t care that it is wonky and the seams don’t match.

  2. Jo, I would love to “redo” this quilt. It would make a darling baby quilt to donate to a charity. Reply and I will let you know my address.

    Barb Klein

  3. There must be way more quilters by you than by me. I literally never find cotton fabric. There’s always lots of upholstery leftovers so apparently this area has makeover people lol. If I wasn’t afraid of overcrowding my craft area I would be jealous of your stash :-)

  4. I sure love seeing all the fabric you find at the thrift stores!!!! Wow that baby quilt is a mess!!!! Would love to know the story behind that! It was probably someone’s first quilting attempt!!! I am glad someone will remake it!! Please post the finished quilt!

  5. It’s really weird but my first thought was just like Janet Orr! Make a doggie bed! Your doggie would be in love!

  6. Heheheh. I would just leave it as is! To a small child, the wonkiness just wouldn’t be noticed. It will be loved~ And of course, if it were turned into a pet blanket, the pet would snuggle it as well!

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