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Yep…you guessed it.  I was thrifting and found fabric again.  (I know you’re rolling your eyes!!  It’s okay!)

Well let me say this…sometimes I get a couple good pieces…sometimes I get none….sometimes I just buy and pass it all on to charity…then sometimes I hit the jackpot really big!  This was a really big jackpot day. Check out my haul.

From the picture you probably can’t tell much so let me show you….This bag $1.  I thought they were Kaffe stripes…

I didn’t know how much or how many until I got home.  THREE ONE YARD PIECES!!  I was so happy!  Linda just gifted up an awesome quilt book with all striped quilts.  I can see these going into one of the quilts.

These were unmarked fabric pieces.  That means they were 50 cents each.  There was 2 yards in each bundle.  The middle one could easily be a sashing for a 100% cotton shirt quilt.

These two were $1 each.  The front one will likely be a backing.  There were SIX yards in that bundle.  The cute red mouse print will be great for a quilt backing.  4 yards in that bundle.

Then there was this….$5.

I opened it up…it’s a LAYER CAKE!!!  I wondered if it might be.  I thought maybe it was a “home” cut one but nope.  It’s one from a store.  I love the colors.  Anyone recognize the fabric line??

Then I spent $1.50 on this….the best scrap bag!!

Most of the pieces are 2″ wide.  The bag doesn’t look very big in the pictures but it’s a big bag.

I’m thinking I might be able to make one quilt from the bag.  Oh my!!  SCORE.

I also got a bag of DMC embroidery floss…50 cents.

WOW…AMAZING DEALS.  I got all of that for a whopping total of $11.50.  That’s 19 yards of fabric, the big scrap bag, the layer cake and the embroidery floss.  WOW…that’s about the best haul I’ve ever had.

17 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Jo, I believe your layer cake is an old Connecting Threads line “Heirloom Manor” from 2015. (I’ve saved my CT catalogs in binders for years…great resources for color combinations and ideas!)

  2. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    Its too bad you can’t hook up with the people who donate these things and just let them gift them to you. I can’t believe you find all this at a thrift store. But I dont go to thrift stores very often. I’ve got plenty of fabric anyway.

  3. Great finds at the thrift store! The layer cake is from a Connecting Threads line that was available a couple of years ago. Love those colors.

  4. That layer cake is from “Connecting Threads” from about 2 or 3 years ago. I don’t remember the fabric line, but I made a log cabin quilt out of a fat quarter pack of the same fabric.

  5. Wow! That was a great haul. The scrap bag looks like several Moda scrap bags put together. I recognize some of the prints. Your thrift stores are awesome. I also troll the thrift stores for fabric treasures. It’s amazing what you can find to add to the stash.

  6. Just curious, does anyone have any thoughts as to how so much good fabric ends up in the area thrift stores? Up here, I get nothing. Mind boggling that the area quilters there would get rid of that much stuff…

  7. Melissa Raddetz

    Never apologize for your hobby! Collecting fabric is a great pastime! And completely harmless – best of all it’s good for your mental health and well being! Some people collect art, figurines, animals, antiques, spoons, etc. Your hobby is quilting and you need fabric! I get so tickled by your excitement when you hit it big! You seem to love the hunt and I love your stories! I wish our thrift shops sold value priced fabric.

  8. Mardell Pettit

    Wow congratulations!! I love finds like that. I’m always on the hunt for fabric and anything relating to sewing/quilting. Someone asked earlier why anyone would get rid of such nice material. Personally, people may quit the craft or else they pass away and the family may donate such items. I think those quilters are smiling down from heaven and happy that we are getting good use of their stash!

  9. JoAnn Brethouwer

    Carla, I’m pretty sure the quilter was not aware of the donation. Most fabric and sewing notion gifts to thrift stores are a result of a quilter who stepped into eternity and the remaining family members have no interest in using the fabrics so they donate them thinking they are of no redeemable value. I’ve been able to score bundles or bags of yardage and strips that were at one time jelly rolls.

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