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Now today’s post:
I hit the thrift store and yes…I found fabric.  I debated and debated about buying some or not.  I haven’t been sewing a lot so why do I need more fabric but I love buying it. I love the little bags of goodies and prospect of not really knowing what’s inside…not knowing all the pieces…not knowing all the sizes.  Oh I love it.  It’s like a little mystery all wrapped up in a bag.  As you know, I never really pay much money for them.  Hubby tells me it’s cheaper than smoking (which he does) so it’s all okay.  The other thing I like…I can buy the bags.  I can pick and choose what I like and pass the rest on to charity.  PERFECT!  It’s a win for the thrift store, for me, for the charity group making quilts and the person who receives the quilt.

This is my latest haul.

Packs were anywhere from 75 cents to $1.50.

I had hope for that blue fabric in the photo above but the fabric was stiff.   BUMMER.  Here’s what was in all of the bags.

These two were my favorites.

But who doesn’t love Little Orphan Annie…..

Or these…horses.

I ended up picking these fabrics out for Kayla.  She taught her Home Economics students to sew and has been using scrap material to do it.  They made Scrap Vortex quilts.  These will work perfectly in them.  Kayla says they love putting novelty print fabrics in them.

Here’s what I ended up keeping…Considering there was a lot of fabric…not too bad.  I kept reminding myself the good the charity quilt fabric can do and passed on as much as I could.

I sure do love getting scrap bags.  One of our blog readers, Roxanne, wrote and said, “I live in Virginia and you have inspired me to thrift for fabric. The bundles my shop makes mix in all types of fabric that I don’t want. If I still buy a bundle, I re-donate the rest as I leave.”  This is an awesome idea.  I have near by places that can benefit from what I donate to them so I don’t do this but if you don’t have an outlet, re-donating is an awesome idea. Luckily our thrift store only puts cotton with cotton.  I sure appreciate that.

…and that’s the stash report for today!

5 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Charlotte Smith

    ‘interested in where the stiff blue fabric went. I have some older ‘stiff’ fabric that I hesitate to use.

  2. Sometimes the “stiff” fabric just needs washed-I came across some and gave it to my mom, not knowing that it would wash out. Realize it might not work with all, but worth a try.

  3. Annie, Northern California

    I wish our thrift store did this.. the store supports our Senior Center.. so I often buy things.. take what I can use.. & redonate the rest.. my latest thing: I buy one of the backpacks or bags they have, fill it with my donations, & bring it back. I love fabric & have an amazing stash, but hunting & buying it is cheaper than going into therapy. Funny that I buy beautiful colorful prints, but wear lots of black.

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