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Well…it’s a little bit of a wash.  What can say?  I had fabric out…but I had fabric in too.  Look at this hall.  Only half of it is mine so my numbers won’t be quite as bad as this looks but it will be bad enough.

Kelli and I were so excited about Bonnie Hunter’s new on line mystery quilt along “Easy Street” until we saw the fabrics that were selected.  Well let’s just say we aren’t bright fabric gals and everything about her color choices yelled BRIGHT.  We thought about not doing it…but that would be close to a quilting sin.  So we tried to figure out what to do to make it work.  That’s when Poison Green, Double Pinks, and Prussian Blue came to mind.  Well we might be able to make that work.  So for now, that’s the plan…thus the fabric acquisition.

It was 37 fat quarters for me…I need to pull some more pinks, greens and neutrals but my blues are pretty much set.  I am still debating on a gray.  Everything I have seen so far blends too much with the blues and greens.  There’s time yet to decide.  I was even thinking of possible a solid gray.  Then I thought what about cheddar.  For now I have a start.  If you are looking for mystery information, you can find it here.

We bought the fabric through Whittles.  I love Whittles…one because I am a cheap skate and two because they have good service.  Kelli and I ordered late on Friday night and the package was here Monday.  Most of the fabric we purchased was only $5 a yard.  Who can beat that?!?!?!  If you haven’t checked out Whittles you might want to.  Another thing I love is their 10 fat quarters for $12 packages.  It’s fun to order them as the only thing customers can pick is a color.  We purchased a neutral and green bundles.  It’s fun to see what we get.  Often it isn’t something we would choose and that keeps variety in our stash.

My fabric out was Kayla’s wedding quilt.  If you missed that, here it is again.  You can read all about that here.

Here’s the official numbers.

Used this Week:   13 yards
Used year to Date:   106.5  yards

Added this Week:   9.5 yards
Added Year to Date:    115.5 yards (37 from Moda)

Net Used for 2012:  -9 Yards of store bought fabric…25 yards of recycled fabric…

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11 thoughts on “Stash Report…”

  1. I am excited about the mystery too, but dont have those colors in my stash, and cant seem to make a decision from what i do have. Fat quarters on sale at Joanne’s today, 99 cents. maybe a trip is in order? Will check out Whittles also.

  2. Oh, love your choices for Bonnie’s mystery. I love civil war & reproduction fabrics, but mine seem to fall flat once sewn together. I buy the fabric, then am at a loss how to combine it. I may give it another try.
    Thanks for your examples!
    I am considering joining in Judy’s stash reports. I know my creativity often kicks in when i limit my materials, but i still go out & buy… to my dismay, i’ll abandon my ideas…. Stash grows, output slows. Ah lamentaions…
    Thanks so much for your inspiring posts.

  3. I agree with you on Bonnie’s colour palette…too bright for me too! BUT after see your lovely fabrics I have to rethink THIS!! I will now have to go back and have another look!! You are bad…SEW bad!!

  4. Well shoot! Maybe I need to make TWO of Bonnie’s Easy Street! I really like what y’all have pulled and collected. I am planning on using the colors she is using. I too am not a bright girl, but I thought I would give it a shot and step out of my box. Having trouble settling on a gray too.

  5. Yes, I have the same thought about doing Bonnie’s Easy Street in civil war colors. I’m glad you and Keeli had this thought too since you’ve swn a lot of projects in these fabrics. I’ve chosen brown instead of blue and cheddar to go with the pinks and greens. Please post pictures along the way!

  6. Yes I’m doing the Mystery quilt even though I don’t like those colors, I have NONE in my stash…. So I’ve been shopping. I figure that it will help me to branch out. After I got a few of the colors together. I could see how they will look good together. It’s hard to do something that is out of my comfort zone.

  7. I love your color choices. Another alternative for the constant would be a dark brown. I think that would be awesome with the fabrics you have selected. I went with the brights of Bonnie’s pallet. I did a BOM of Stonehenge Meets Jamestown in the neutral colorway. We went in the LQS and they had it on display in the brights and DH loved it. So, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone for DH. (Still think Ruby on the wedding quilt is just the cutest!)

  8. I did check out the Whittles site. they have a lot of fabrics. Did you find the colors were true? I’m having a hard time find the brights on thier sight.

  9. Good choices on the fabrics, Jo! They look so yummy together so how can they not make a fabulous Easy Street? I am going historic too and I bought two yards of a Windham print cheddar recently from Thousands of Bolts, but I had my heart set on a red quilt. Hmm. We’ll see, and that’s final! LOL!

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