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I need to get back to sewing more if I am going to keep buying fabric….or at least that’s what I tell myself.  I never really worry about what I buy as the price I pay for the thrifted fabric is minimal and someday if I tire of it I don’t mind passing it on to charity quilters.

So what did I buy this time thrifting?…..These two packs.  $2 for one and $3 for the other.

I’m typically not a big black and white fan but with our school colors being red, white and black, I often make quilts for graduates with these colors…so it’s great to have more in the stash especially since I made primarily make scrap quilts.

I got them home to check out the contents.  Here’s a good look at the goodies…..
I got the pieces all out.  They seem to range from scrap to 1/3 yard cuts.  Perfect for a scrap quilt maker.  All are name brands.

Here are the pieces that I’ll be putting into my black stash….

Here are the whites…

Notice the ones across the back-those four that are top left?  Those are ones I sorted out that will likely find a new home…well at least not in the black or white box.  I’m a little bit of a purist.  I wouldn’t add those pieces to a black and white quilt.

There were two more in the bunch.  I loved them both.  They will go in with the whites and blacks respectively but that has me thinking…a black white and red quilt.  Aren’t those two prints the best??

For now..these are going in the stash.  We’ll see when they make it out and into a quilt.  For now, I have them for safe keeping.

3 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. You hit the jackpot again, Jo! I wasn’t a fan of black and white quilts until I saw one in a quilt magazine and made it. I love it and would make another one. Adding another color would also make it really interesting!

  2. Block lotto has a cute pattern for red/black/white this month.
    I live in Virginia and you have inspired me to thrift for fabric. The bundles my shop makes mix in all types of fabric that I don’t want. If I still buy a bundle, I re-donate the rest as I leave.

  3. I have been in a cleanup mode the past two weeks and 6 (that’s right—6!) garbage bagels of fabric from my sewing area. They go to a friend who will divide it among herself, her daughter, granddaughter, two church groups and finally thrift stores. Why don’t I see a difference? Added to that were 3 garbage bags of assorted stuff not worth passing on and one bag of assorted batting pieces. I even located a couple of projects I knew I had but were buried.

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