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**I posted new auction items that you can bid on in Saturday morning’s post.  If you’re interested, find the post here.**

I hit up the thrift store looking for goodies.  I haven’t been sewing a lot but I can’t help still looking for fabric.  My philosophy is that if I don’t ever get it sewn, that’s okay.  It will go on to a charity group and it will get sewn.  I’ve already talked to my family and when I pass, anything left that they don’t want should sell or send it on to charity.  I had fun just hunting it down even if I never do get to sewing it.

This day was a pretty good day.  One place where I thrift marks the bigger pieces of fabric but the smaller pieces are not marked and cost 50 cents.

What I was happiest to find….THIS!  Do you know what it is???  Cross stitch fabric!  There’s about a yard and a half and it was only $1.  I would hate to know how much that would have cost had I gotten it at a store!

My next favorite find…BATIKS…50 cents each.

Here are the bigger chunks of fabric…..These were all $1.50 each.  The top one I was excited about.  I think there is enough for a sashing there.  I say it all the time and it’s definitely true.  I have lots of fat quarter sized pieces of fabric and some backings but none of the in between sizes of fabric.  The green has enough for a backing…yahoo.  Any day a quilt backing costs $1.50 is a good day.

Here’s a little stack I got…all 50 cents each.

That was my haul for the this day.  Thrifting is so fun.  One day I go…I get nothing fabric related and instead clothes for the grand kids….the next time I buy an old dresser…the next time frames for my cross stitch.  I hate going to regular stores.  All Wal-Marts have pretty much the same things…all JcPenny’s have the same things.  I know exactly what to expect.  Thrifting….is always unexpected!!

5 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. MommaSunshine

    Jo, your thrifting sounds like my hubbie’s shopping. I send him out for underwear and he comes home with a trombone! Go figure!

  2. I’ve been to a lot of thrift stores in the area, and they never have fabric, or even good quality textiles. I think they try to sell them online. I did manage to get a couple of bags of ties for $5 and was happy about that.

  3. Here in the U. K. thrift shop are known as charity shops and always a win-win way of buying stuff. Not much fabric to be had but I buy most of my clothes there. So much better than rails of the same thing in the ordinary shops. On a recent visit to Salt Lake City I went to a thrift store and found me a couple of bargains. (Yay, happy dancing). I also bought some vintage bits of fabric from a yard sale (more happy dancing). Can’t wait to visit my daughter again in Salt Lake!!!

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