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So I was at the thrift store and went to the fabric section…this is what I saw!  Oh boy.

There were TOTES of fabric bundles.

Close up the bundles looked like this.

Hmmm….do I really need more fabric?  I’ll never find cheaper fabric really.  It was $3 per bunch.

I dug some more and then almost laughed right out loud in the store.  This was a package of fabric that was there….read what is written on it!!!  It says my name right on the package….”JO”.

After digging through the fabric I looked at other things….Here’s a Singer 503.  Tempting and pretty….  $35.  The tag says runs but I never know what that means.

So any guesses on what came home with me?  This….The tops fabrics were all in one bundle.

This bottom fabric was separate.  It’s a bigger piece that will make a backing for a throw quilt.

I opened the bundle.  The pieces were all different sizes.  This frog fabric….Fat quarters.

I think Kelli at one time made some shorts out of the white cow print fabric.  I bought the little bundle thinking I’d give this to her and she might throw a piece into her scrap vortex quilt.

There were other pieces…

These two were my favorite…kind of a folk art feel.

…and believe it or not, that is all I bought.  I didn’t even buy the bag that said “Jo’ on it.  I don’t know why I didn’t.  I feel like maybe it was a sign and I ignored it.  Would you have bought it??    More tempting was the machine.  But, I really don’t need another machine.  Maybe if my sewing room was completely back together, I might.  Oh well, it will might just always be the one that got away.  Would you have went home with more?

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  1. I might have come home with more fabric. I really like the folk art fabric. As for the machine, I might have left it there this time. If it was still there in the future, it might come home with me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Denise Briese

    Wow you have a great thrift shop mine is always picked over! Great finds..probable would have taken that machine though.

  3. Yes I would of bought the Jo fabric, it might of been Jo Morton fabrics which are wonderful. I love all the themed pieces that you got and those folk art ones remind me of Swedish items. Good find for sure.

  4. I would have done about what you did—find a bundle or two of fabric. I probably would have bought the big bundle too if it had my name on it! Ha!

  5. This is a sign. If you go back to the thrift store and find the same stuff there, it was meant for you. If not, some other lucky thrifter got the prize! Congrats for walking away, although I bet in the back of your mind, you keep wondering.

  6. You hit the X on the treasure map, for sure! After taking several deep breaths and blocking the stash from others, I would’ve filled my basket with as many pretty bundles as I could. If I wanted the machine, I’d ask to try it out in the store. If you go back, snatch up the “Jo” bag….it was meant for you!

    1. I stop at lots of different thrift stores. I never go to town that I don’t stop. Where I got the goodies from all depends on which town and which store I went. Living rural we shop in all different directions.

  7. I would have brought home the folk art fabric, plus probably more bundles than you did. I would have spent a lot of time there. My first sweep would be to put any bundle in my cart if I really liked even one fabric from it. Then I would see how many bundles I had and decide if I needed to be more particular. If I had a lot, I might give myself an allowed dollar amount to help me decide.

    From the pictures, it certainly seems there are some fabrics I would deem “right up my alley!” I would have left the machine; that particular model wouldn’t tempt me too much, but I imagine someone will snap it up! Even if it doesn’t work right away, it would probably be fine once cleaned and oiled.

  8. How fun! I would have been most tempted by the 503 sewing machine and probably would have brought it home. There’s something really cool about the way that model looks. Someday I’d love to own one.

  9. On man that 503 Singer is a great sewing machine, it is a straight stitcher (slant needle) it does zig zag and decorative stitches with cams. Very nice for paper piecing as you can see exactly where the needle goes into the paper right on the line. The style “rocketeer” is more clearly seen out of that box. A heavy all metal machine that sews well looks good uses class 66 bobbins drop in style and the sewing machine stays put on the table (doesn’t more because it is heavy)
    $35 is a good price
    You could turn around and sell it for $50 easy
    $75 a wait for the right buyer
    $100 a longer wait but still worth the price
    It’s a machine you could have when a friend doesn’t want to lug her machine around
    Or for your daughter who has just started sewing.
    Takes the same needles as your other sewing machines
    Manual on line
    You could use it for a few years and then sell and the value would not change
    Made in the early 1960,s and later 1950’s
    It most likely will not be there next visit but it is a very nice sewing machine

  10. Oh, yes, I would have bought lots more of that fabric. What a find! I’m sure I saw what looked like a red piece that had polka dots on it, my favorite print of fabric; I have a hard time resisting anything with polka dots. I agree with others here, I would have for sure bought the bundle that had Jo on it; it was a positive sign! That machine would have been very, very tempting for me! It’s really pretty and looks so clean.

  11. I probably would have taken home more but then I have never found any good fabric to buy at my local thrift store.

  12. I was never lucky enough to find fabric at thrift stores. But that slant o matic, it would have come home with me. They don’t make them like that anymore. I retired one about 2 years ago and its sits all alone in a cabinet and would be happy with a matching friend.

  13. I sure would have bought a lot more fabric bundle S (not that I need it lol. I got sure would have bought the Slanto magic just from watching Bonnie Hunter using hers ☺

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