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Kelli and I were out and about and stopped at Hobby Lobby.  Kelli was on a mission to find a few things.  Me, I had nothing I wanted and was trying my hardest not to buy anything….but you know how it is at a Hobby Lobby.  The struggle to go out of the store empty handed is real.

We were over by the fabric and Kelli said, “Did you ever find coordinating fabric for that Ultimate Travel Bag we’re going to make?”  Crap.  I hadn’t and I didn’t have the fabric with me that I was trying to coordinate with.  I ended up looking anyway.

The fabric I’m trying to match is this…

I bought it at a quilt shop going out of business sale.  I bought two yards thinking someday I’d use it.  Well the someday is getting closer.  I want it as the main fabric for my bag.  I’ve taken the fabric with three different times to fabric shops hoping to find something I thought would work.   So far, no luck.

I started looking in the fabric section frustrated that I didn’t have the fabric with.  On a whim, I picked out two pieces and bought them both.  I came home and tested them…what do you think?

I’m happy with them.

The lemony yellow will be the inside lining.  I have read that when making bags it’s good to have a light color inside as things can be more easily seen against a light background.

If that’s true or no, I’m not sure.  I do think it’s a good match though.

The red is for the outside accents.  That tomato red has been HARD to match.  I still didn’t get a good match with this piece but I think it will be okay.

The red would be the strap color.  I’m beginning wonder if plain red might be best.

Image result for ultimate travel bag
Either way….The search can end.  I’ll either use this or plain red.  Now we need to find some time to actually sew the bags.  Connie was going to come to my house and we were going to have a girls weekend and make the bags…so next up, set a date!

Then I saw this great dinosaur fabric and bought enough for two pillowcases for the childcare kids….

…and then I bought this fabric.  I am not sure what I’m going to do with it….I just loved it.  I almost thought that I’d use it for Lucy for something.  I just loved it!!

So I didn’t get out of the store without anything.  UGH.  That’s okay though.  At least I am finished with shopping for fabric for the Ultimate Travel Bag.  That’s a good thing to get off the list as that is what got me in trouble in the first place.  You know how it goes… I cave and buy one thing and somehow more things just seem to tumble into the cart.

I do so much better if I just stay out of the stores!!

14 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I was really happy when I got to HL recently. One store had a kids fabric on sale so I got the rest of the bolt. The next visit I really had time to check out the fabric and found some more cute kids fabric for a very good price. Note the fabric is all different price points ($5.99-12.99) but all end up being 30% less than the marked price. (I do wish it was all priced at the correct end price.) The employee told me they get weekly shipments of fabric in case they did not have enough of what I wanted.

  2. I’m an interior designer of 34 years and you dont want fabrics to match exactly. Rather a bit off is often better. I love that red with dots, much more interesting than a solid and it pulls the red tomato and the pinks both together. Love the lemon for the lining. I showed a quilt that I had made for granddaughter at guild and I heard someone say, I would have never chosen those colors. I didnt know if she meant it was ugly or what but while visiting at the local gulfarium, there was a Macaw that had the exact same colors that I had in the quilt. Guess nature speaks better. Notice the colors in the flower garden, never matching but always beautiful. I love reading your blog.

  3. It is rare that I will choose just a plain color. I feel even the slightest pattern or contrast in a fabric just adds a more interesting depth to a project.

  4. LOL… that IS a dangerous store. I like what you chose for your bag. It’s going to be wonderful. I bought that great fabric with the menagerie of animals too. I haven’t a clue what I’m going to make, but it was just too cute to pass up.

  5. I think the colors for the bag will be perfect and I hope you enjoy sewing your bag. The dinosaur fabric is perfect for pillowcases and adorable. Good finds

  6. I think those fabrics work very well together. I have a feeling you’ll be making more than one bag, so if you don’t like the final results you can give the bag to someone who does (me ) and make another. You’ll probably learn so much making the first bag that you’ll want to put your new knowledge to use making more. Definitely go with a light interior fabric. I hate rummaging through a dark purse.

  7. I think those colors really pop against the print. Nice choice. I agree, Hobby Lobby is to tempting to walk out empty handed!

  8. Wow, I sure am right with you on staying out of the store !!!!! I have no “won’t” power. I have the same problem with fabric sites online.

  9. I love you color choices. They compliment your main fabric and are not busy. I agree with light fabric inside. Good eye…your bag will be a hit.

  10. My youngest grandson would love a pillow case made out of the dinosaur fabric…he’s at that dinosaur stage little boys go through. Then his twin sister would need something too….she’s kind of at that princess stage.

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