Stash Report

I added fabric to the stash…not cotton though…WOOL!  Remember a bit ago when Kalissa and I went and saw Kayla.  Well we stopped at Kayla’s thrift store and look what I got….

I didn’t open it to see what it was…I didn’t count the pieces…I didn’t even make particular note of the fabrics or colors of the fabrics.  I just grabbed the bag!!  I was going to buy it!

Once home, this is what I discovered…..

All are pants.  There are eight pairs there.  Grand total of the purchase….$2.  WOW, that’s a deal!!

I am so in love with all of the grays.  These are so close to the colors Kelli and I had been contemplating when we went to Merry’s Stitchin’s and found the wool patterns.

Remember these patterns….I had bought a little wool but tried to refrain as I was pretty sure I had enough to make them.

Next up for me is to de-bone them and get them felted.  It’s more work than buying wool in yardage but the savings sure can’t be beat!  Here were a few of the designs done up…Oh, I’m anxious to get to them!!  I’

When we were visiting Kayla we went to her thrift stores and to the Amish shops in the area.  The Amish shops here are really cheap.  Here’s what I bought there….

The needle threader was $5.25.  When I went to the Featherweight class the lady next to me highly recommended it.  She was telling me that it was $11 at Joann’s but I should wait for a coupon then it would be only $5.  Well…I got it here for the cheap price with no coupon!  I think that just proves how much money is being made by the big box stores.

Anyway…I’m happy to try it.  She did say that it’s takes a little bit of a learning curve but once you get it, it’s easy.

Oh, if anyone is in the market for Minky, they had it there price from $6-$7 a yard.  Some of it was the pretty kind with the roses in it.  I didn’t need any but I do know where to get some now.  The store is near Delhi Iowa if anyone is local.

I had a fun day…fun purchases and great company with Kalissa and Kayla to hang out with.


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  1. When I felted wool in my top loading washing machine I clog up some mechanism with wool fuzz and DH had to take it apart and clean it out. (I mean get inside the mechanical parts.) Fortunately that took care of it, but the machine was smoking and I thought I had ruined it for sure. So you may want to try other methods of felting than in your washer.

  2. I like to felt mine before I take the clothes apart…get rid of any unwanted critters and I like that they are clean to handle. I see that a lot of people dye their wool with Kool Ade. Might want to check out the Wool Applique group on facebook. I love working with wool and just got about 6 or 7 projects ready for the handwork. Having a minor foot surgery this week and will need some projects to keep me occupied.

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