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Well we finally did it.  I’ve been resisting so long but Kelli and I finally caved and bought Craftsy Unlimited for a year.  We’ve always thought about it…we’ve always talked about it…then Connie (yes, she is an enabler) sent me a message that said Craftsy was offering Unlimited videos for a year and was giving away a quilt kit and $25 gift certificate.  It more made the membership free.

So we did it.  We’ve said before we wanted to make the Ultimate Travel Bag…when we did readers suggested the Craftsy class.

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The class itself was $29 so that goes a ways in paying for the full year of Unlimited.

I wasn’t “hot” on any of the quit kits….Kelli wasn’t either.  They aren’t our style so we dedided to pick the kit that had the fabric that we most likely could use….we picked this…
The colors do go great together but the quilt isn’t our style.

So far I’ve watched one class.  The Mexican comfort food one….

Image result for mexican comfort food craftsy

I think I’ll be watch segments of it again.  I’d love to be more of an authentic Mexican cook.

There are LOTS more classes that I’d like to watch.  I love Angela Walters.  I’ll likely watch all of the machine quilting videos.  Connie said the binding class was good.  I’ll try to watch that too.

This upcoming week is my off week for my cancer testing.  One afternoon I had planned to get out the treadle sewing machine and practice by making some string blocks.  I’m extra excited as Craftsy now has an ap on Roku.  I can watch the videos on the big screen and treadle away….I can’t wait.

Is anyone else a Craftsy user?  What shows are you watching?

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  1. Yep, I caved and did it and got the same kit also. I also wished the kit choice was better, but…again like you, I can use the solids. I also watched the bag class and Angela, seems we have similar interests, lol! I hope we enjoy the years worth of viewing!

  2. I’ve been with Craftsy for years, but I wait for a good sale and buy the classes. They’re my reward for walking on the treadmill (I watch on my iPad mini), but I don’t get down to the treadmill often. I also have the Ultimate Travel Bag class, but haven’t watched it yet. Betz White’s duffle bag class is good.

  3. Oh my, I did not know they offered and unlimited watch program, I will have to resist since I spend to much time watching now and I don’t get my quilting done, lol The fabrics look great and I know you two will find a place to add them to a quilt project down the road

  4. I watch Craftsy all the time and have been an affiliate for some years now I have been telling people of the benefits of the unlimited program for some time but many do not believe it I guess and passed on the free kit and coupon

  5. Apparently I signed up too soon. There wasn’t a free kit offer when I bought my subscription. I don’t watch it as much as I’d like to, but I’m hoping my kid will make up for that when summer break arrives. She likes to draw and paint, so I think she’ll enjoy those classes. And she loves to watch baking videos, so maybe we’ll be doing to some baking this year.

  6. I love Craftsy Unlimited! My husband is a woodworker and has a Cameo Silhouette. I’m a knitter, quilter, and sewer. My 8 year old son is interested in drawing and has just started watching some classes as well. I also love watching some of the baking classes. I signed up when they first offered unlimited and it has been more than worth the money.

  7. I gave in too. Love watching the classes when I’m sewing or crocheting. Haven’t thought about sharing with my husband though. That travel bag looks interesting. Keep us posted on how they turn out!

  8. Jo, you will love the Ultimate travel bag and the Craftsy video to make it. It is great. It walks you through step by step in the bag making process and the bag results are amazing. I’ve watched Craftsy classes to also learn how to paper piece and I bought my granddaughter a class for her birthday because she wants to learn to crochet. And I suggested the woodworking videos to my son.

  9. I’ve been buying Craftsy classes for years, unfortunately it was before they started offering specials. The classes are wonderful. I buy mostly longarming, paper piecing, and clothing construction classes, but recently I bought a beginner knitting class. One day I’ll learn to knit! I’ve been thinking about the year long subscription, it is a great deal.

  10. Sounds like a good deal. Wish I had known about it. Do they have deals for the Unlimited very often? Thanks for the info…

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