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Typically I’m telling you all about the fabric that comes in to my house…Not today.  I’m telling you about fabric that is going out!!

Saturday I went on a road trip.  I’ll tell you more about it in another post.  It was a much needed day away.  One of my stops was to get all these boxes of fabric off to Sandra.  She does quilting with a couple different groups of charity quilters about a half hour south of my house.

Here’s one small box and a bag….

and there is all of this in the front seat!!
Much of it came from blog readers!  Inger sent a lot of it and others have sent things to me that said pass this along or keep it.  I do keep some but I do move some on.  I can’t use it all!!

This time around when I held a piece of fabric in my hand and was trying to decide keep or send, I decided send it out much more often that I typically do.  I’ve been blogging long enough now to know that at some point in time, more fabric will be coming my way.

I had four and half boxes of fabric and decided that I’d dig and find enough fabric to make it a full five boxes.  It had been awhile since I sorted heavily.  Boy does it every feel good to move some fabrics on.

I felt so good especially reading some comments left here on the blog.  This comment came from Ronda who does a lot of the charity quilting:  “I love turning other people’s no longer loved fabric into a quilt to help brighten someone else’s day. Whoever sends it is happy to be rid of it, I am happy to receive it, and the quilt recipient is happy to have a quilt! Yay!”

This comment came from Elizabeth:  ” I am almost 72 years old, and thus in the process of sorting and donating, so that I keep enough to keep me busy, but do not die with too much for my 3 grown children to deal with. (In Sweden they call this “death cleaning.”) I am tickled to read that someone somewhere is glad to get what I cannot myself use! It means I do not have to feel guilty for not using every scrap, and I am happy to think that perhaps my donations (to my local hospice store) will fuel someone else’s projects. And yes, I continue to fabric shop, online, and at the local fabric stores, and at my favorite thrift store!

This comment came from Pat:  “I have had to be very honest with myself lately, I have done a lot of purging. I came to realize that some UFO’s were just mot meant to be finished by me!. So I like to donate to the Hospice thrift store by me. It is a great organization and I feel like someone like you will pick up my UFO’s and finish them for a song and be very happy with their find.”

The generosity of others giving makes my heart happy.  I love being the receiver when I find a scrap bag of goodies at the thrift store.  I love giving my own fabric to charity quilters.  I love being the “middle man” between givers and receivers.  There is not a single thing that I don’t love about charity quilting…except maybe paying for postage.

Speaking of that…a HUGE shout out to Janet for her generous donation of money to help with the postage and supple costs for the charity quilting project.  We SO appreciate it.  I say it all the time-

Image result for many hands make light work
It’s so true.  Thanks to so many of you for being one of those hands!!

There is good in the world and I’m so thankful that I see that every day.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading your post. Resonates with me as I am always trying to keep on top of possessions of all kinds, moving unwanted things on to Charity shops, using scraps to make Linus or premature baby quilts or larger quilts for a charity here in the UK called Siblings Together. But also love to receive scraps too, other people’s scraps are always exciting, like the packet of scraps I received a few days ago from my Australian blog friend. Keep up your good work, Jo.

  2. Hey Jo, another great group that would take donations is the PFMC-Helping hands in Platteville, WI find their group & contact info on their Facebook page I donated a bunch of bags/boxes already, but if you have extra!! Thanks..

  3. This was a very uplifling article. I have been making baby quilts and comfort quilts for years . Got started at my old church in their quilting ministry and have continued wherever we live. I obtain my fabrics from thrift stores, garage sales and donations from other crafters and friends. Every bit helps and the blessings i receive from knowing that someone somewhere is getting a big ol hug from me. Bless all you quilters

  4. Patricia Mraz

    Do you know of a place in western ohio near Cedar Point that I can donate fabric too or do I just send it to you??? I would need an address.

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