Stash Report

My mailbox added to my stash, or should I say, Vickee H’s package in my mail did.

Vickee said she was down-sizing her stash and thought of me.  I love that!!  Here’s what was in the box!  Fabric, goodies for the kiddos and a charity quilt top.

I unfolded the top and it’s so cute.  I’m sure it’s going to be loved.  I didn’t snap a picture of is though…you’ll have to wait to see it!!

There are TONS of stickers and some notepads for the kiddos.  We’re coming up and will soon be potty training a few of the kiddos so I set some of what I think will be their favorite stickers for that.  I’m hoping we go through LOTS of stickers.  Can you imagine SIX in diapers?  That’s what I have right now!!!

Want to see the fabric?  Here it is….Isn’t this dog fabric the cutest?  Kelli keeps saying she wants to make a quilt of all dog fabric.  I set these two aside in the novelty print box.

There were some fun panels.  I am excited to see what these turn into!!  All of them are kid themed.

This was a kit for an easy quilt that would make an awesome charity quilt.   The pattern is super easy but will be cute too!
Silly but my favorite thing in the box was this gem.  I recognized it right away as a fabric from the line Country Threads did.  I set this one aside.  Did you know that Connie and Mary from Country Threads are doing a new book??  I’m saving this and using it in one of the quilts from the book.  I can’t wait.
Country Threads designs have always been my personal favorites!!

Vickee you made my day!!!  Thanks so much for thinking of me and the kiddos.  We will have fun with all of this!

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  1. I had some of that Country Threads fabric. I bet if I dug deeply enough, I might find just a scrap, somewhere. I miss Country Threads, used to stop there every time I made my way south to Arkansas to see my folks. Its just a fond memory now. Love the puppy dog fabric!

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