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So one of my goals for the year was to not buy much fabric unless I needed it to finish a project.  I’ve been to two quilt shops in two weeks.  How’d I do?  Meh.

At One Block Over, I got this….

The brown I thought would go with the mystery quilt.  The Halloween fabric I thought I would bypass and then Kelli announced “Look Mom fat quarters”.  I caved. I also save this fire truck fabric.  I really liked it.  I so often make a fireman related quilt for the Fireman’s breakfast and I thought this would be perfect.  How easy would it be to cut this apart and then add some star block in between. I know some of you will ask about the fabric so I took a picture of the selvage edge.

I ended up at Red Roxy in Decorah with the hope of finding some good batiks to finish my Scrap Crystals and Mystery quilt.  I bought these but still don’t know how I feel about the mystery quilt.  These weren’t my dream pieces.  I should learn that if I want batiks in my area I really need to go to Crazy to Quilt in Cedar Falls.

Do you see the little bag with ABCs on it?  Want to know what’s inside?  I looked and was in love.  It was this….it’s little ABC clips like clothespins.  I know they are for organizing and binding in a quilt room but……best yet I want to get a little basket and keep them in my sewing room.  Carver isn’t big enough for them yet but someday he will be.  I want them there to keep him occupied if I want to sew.  He can clip them around the edge of the basket in alphabetical order.  He can find the letters to his name.  PERFECT for a Grandma or mom to have in her “keep them busy arsenal.

I bought more than I wanted but nothing that I won’t use.  So it goes.  I do wish I was a little more in love with my Mystery quilt options.  Ah…something will catch me eventually….right?

My Decorah day was great for thrifting.  Stop back tomorrow and see all of the goodies I got.

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  1. The firetruck fabric is cute. And I love the clips. I have the alpha bitties from Fat quarter Shop but they dont hook on at all. I love the clips to number your pieces. Would like numbers and letters. Do they have both?

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