Stash Report

I was thrifting again….

I got a baggie with these fabric in it.  The cost $2.


It was a grab bag and I couldn’t see all of the fabrics but did see the one with writing and the darker one in the back.  I was fairly certain those two would be ones I would use so I risked it and spent the $2.

I’m glad I did.  It was a good deal.  There is 2 yards of the dark print.  It’s a Kansas Troubles print.  I often get charity quilts in that are made with Kansas Troubles fabrics.  I’ll likely use this for binding one of them.  The light fabric is a leftover from a quilt backing so it’s an odd size but VERY usable.  Their is a yard of the tan print and 1 1/2 yards of the print with writing.  All of the fabric feel good and I’m SUPER happy with the find!

If you read the print with words, it is the words to the night before Christmas.  I’m going to use it in a scrappy quilt and ignore that it’s Christmas words.  It doesn’t matter to me.

This was the only fabric I got this day…one bag.  For a second I was sad as often I get lots of pieces.  Then I had a talk with myself and reminded myself that I likely just bought 5 1/2 yards of fabric for $2.  There is no need to feel sad that I didn’t find more.  Sometimes I forget to be thankful for what I do find.  I think we all suffer from that from time to time.

I’m off to put these in my stash-in the EXACT place they go.  Since I’ve cleaned my quilting room, I’ve been pretty good at keeping it organized!!  Yahoo!!

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  1. I love KS Troubles! I have been hoarding that line of fabric for a while for a quilt for me. I like Lynn’s layering method and hope to try it out this summer when I have more sewing time.

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