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I told you that Kelli and I went to Forest Mills Quilt Shop by Postville.  We love the ladies that own the store.  They are totally our kind of girls.  Kelli and I don’t get over there nearly as often as we’d like but when we do go…we break the bank.  This is my haul.


Check out this fireman fabric.  I’m not sure what I’m doing with it but I think it will be a quilt for the firemen’s benefit here in town.  I’m also thinking of being really cheesy and making pillowcases with it for Hubby.  Whatever happens with it, it’s sure to be fun!!


Remember a bit ago I got it in head to make all of the quilts in one of Bonnie Hunter’s books….well I got fabric to complete the ones I haven’t done yet….this is for Daylilies….


This is for Tulip Fields….Stash-fm-4

Yep both of them are going to be done in batiks.  I used up LOTS of my scraps of batiks when I made Charlotte’s Baskets….I really don’t have more strings of batiks but the gals at the shop gifted us a bag that Kelli and and I are sharing plus we bought a few quarter yard cuts that we are going to share.  Yep…I am cutting some good fabric down into strings.  Crazy, I know.  My batik obsession is growing.

These I bought for projects.  The burgundy on top is to be a binding for a quilt that we aren’t sharing yet.  The dark one on the bottom has already been cut and used for the inner border of Fair and Square.


The number fabric was on the clearance rack.  I’ll use it as a backing for a charity or future quilt.  The Other piece with words…that’s for my collection of word fabric.


The gray with the roses I simply loved and bought it for no reason at all….There is enough for a border for a quilt in the future.  The blue/green I bought on a whim.  I still wasn’t completely happy with my choices for Charlotte’s Baskets sashing and border fabrics.  I showed them all to you last Monday in my What I’m Working Report.


I knew I like the blue and green combo best but just wasn’t happy with the inner border fabric choices.  When I got home I paired this with the others and finally…I like this.


I said before with all of this that there really wasn’t a bad choice with this quilt….that’s still true.  I do like this best though so now….FULL SPEED AHEAD!

…and that’s what came home with us from the quilt shop.  Kelli has the batiks quarter yard cuts we bought and is cutting them all in half….I can’t wait to get those pieces….have I said how much batiks have gotten under my skin?  That’s okay…..everyone needs something to keep their sewing fresh.  Right now for me, it’s batiks.

So are you like me?  Do you avoid the quilt shop and then once you go break the bank?  or you do you buy a little along the way?  I’d love to hear about your buying habits.

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  1. Oh yes Jo like you I do avoid the quilt shops! When I do shop there it seems that every fabric calls to me and I do take too many home with me!

  2. I try to avoid the quilt shops, but once or twice a year my quilting friends and I go Shop Hopping to a bunch of stores. I break the bank then :-(. But we always have such a great time it’s worth it. Love your pick for Charlotte’s Baskets. It’ll be gorgeous!

  3. I really like your border choices. Love the plain bright blue with your green and blue print.
    Yes…I think all of us quilters are the same…Haven’t been to a quilt store in awhile and the
    last two days I have done a lot of damage. I do a lot of primitive work and civil war but a new
    bug has bit me and I love Jen Kingwells patterns and material. Tula Pinks also. So now
    I am rebuilding all my stash. Just love quilting.

  4. I am trying, trying, trying to sew up some of what I have AND finish some of what I have started. I did buy some solid grays over the weekend for a graduation quilt. . .I am TRYING to be good. However, maybe as a reward for getting my sewing room cleaned out (WHEN I get it done) I could go to the quilt store.

  5. I have 4 quilt shops within 30 minutes from me but typically only shop when I need for a new project. I did not work for over a year due to health issues and now that I am back to work am slowly getting some shopping done when budget allows. Went a couple of weeks ago to get ready for the BH mystery and did break the bank that day.(For me anyway!)

  6. I am not one to buy alot unless I know what I am going to use it for. Unless I am at the thrift store!! This next year I am going to try to use what I have in my stash (and maybe allow myself to buy border fabric) and finish up UFO projects. If I were to try to make all quilts in one book it would be Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap and Shirttails book. I think I have already made about half of them. That is still my favorite book of hers. And like Ann, I like Jen Kingwell. I have started her Gypsy Wife Quilt. Never a boring moment in quilting!!

  7. I remember the Forest Mills shop well and still think of them when I pull out the fabrics I bought there. Had one of my 3 quilt stores close this year which really limits my running out to stores. Mostly I buy online and the Quilted Twins have become a go-to when I am in need. The last three quilts I finished were helped along by purchases from them.

  8. I am fortunate to have three quilt shops within 15 minutes of my house, so when I do shop, it is easy to get to one, or all, of them. I have been quilting for about 40 years, so I have a large stash…that is where I “shop” first. I do occasionally pick up a fat quarter, or two, or three, if I see something that catches my eye… Civil War reproduction fabrics are my favorites, with ’30’s reproductions a close second, and one of the three local shops carries a great selection of both, so that’s where I usually end up if I need fabric… My stash doesn’t have a lot of pieces big enough for a quilting backing, so that is mainly what I shop for.

  9. I’m so excited that you are going to make Daylilies! That is probably my favorite quilt in the whole book; it’s on my bucket list. Can’t wait to see your version. The fabrics you purchased are wonderful. I especially loved the burgundy one – did they have it in other colors? Charlotte’s Baskets is going to be so rich with those blues for the borders! Oh my, I’m drooling! This is going to be one spectacular quilt! As for my fabric shopping habits, I have been staying out of the quilt shops and looking at on-line sales; I need to use what I have, and I need to avoid temptation, although I probably would surely buy some of that fabric with the pattern in it of your burgundy purchase, a different way of using polka dots and it really looks like 3-D!

  10. I was intrigued by a bag of batiks at a local thrift store. Bought the entire bag and brought them home. Washed and folded and they look wonderful in my fabric cupboard. Someday I hope to find a use for this wonderful find..

  11. Catholic Bibliophagist

    I haven’t bought any fabric in a long time, but recently I bought a bunch of fat quarters from Whittles and Quilted Twins, both of which I read about here, so can I blame you for my falling off my fabric diet? :-) I bought corals from Whittles for Bonnie Hunter’s upcoming mystery quilt. That’s one color I just didn’t have in my stash. I bought oranges and gray from Quilted Twins (two other colors I didn’t have much of) because I also want to make Bonnie’s pumpkin quilt.

    Plus, our local quilt store is closing, so I couldn’t pass up buying some fabric from them at a good discount.

    Climbing back on the wagon now.

  12. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I generally avoid quilt shops, but I have a huge stash. I have hit a couple of shops that were closing and dropped over a grand at a time! I also did that when I visited Superior Threads in St. George, Utah…the thread is beautiful online but when you get to shop their warehouse, they all cry out to come home with you!!! Yeah, my longarm loves Superior Threads so I spent over a grand with them as well that time! I could probably open a shop with my collection of fabric and thread!

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