Stash Report #2 for the Day

Saturday I told you about our adventure to Crazy to Quilt Quilt Shop in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  What I didn’t tell you about is the goodies I bought.  I had Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt on the brain and made plans to check out their fabrics for it.  If they had something I liked, I was planning on buying some fabric….Kelli and Connie had the same plans.  Can you believe that on our own we each had made plans to make our quilts out of batiks!  Previous to shopping I had checked over my stash and found I had no corals….I did have some teals and aquas…browns, I didn’t have chocolates and neutrals?  Well neutrals are neutrals and I always can use more of them.  So…..

While Kelli and Connie were shopping (shown here)…



I grabbed these….


I love this color combo together!!!  I have to admit, I slightly changed something though.  Watch and see.  I didn’t pick up very many teals to aquas.  I had a few already.


I wanted more browns than this as I really only had two or three at home, but this is what they had that I liked.  I’ll likely be at a couple more shops before the mystery calls for browns.  I’ll add more then.  Four more would be my preference.


They didn’t really have many corals.  As I was looking, I got to really liking the oranges though.  After a little bit of a debate and a consult with the girls, I decided that I am going from coral to ORANGE rather than coral to melons.  I am so excited about the prospect.  I never make anything with orange (except my recent pumpkin quilt).  I think it’s time.  I decided I really need make sure my browns are CHOCOLATE is I am making this change though.


I grabbed LOTS of neutrals.  We need more neutrals than other colors.  I already have some more deeply printed ones so I decided to try to lean towards light colored ones.


So here they all are stacked together.  I love it!!


I have a few more that are in my stash that I’ll be adding to this.  I will also be pulling from my scrap bins as the clues are given.  For example if we are suppose to cut 100- 2″ brown squares, I will go to my 2″ scrap bucket and pull anything I have there and cut it up first.  That’s how I operate…scrap bins first…ALWAYS!

I’m getting excited about the mystery.  I have been on a batik roll lately.  It’s likely a phase but as of now, it’s a phase I’m enjoying.  I don’t have tons of batik scraps now and if I sew more batik quilts I’m sure to end up with more batik scraps!!

I’m ready for the mystery…bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9 thoughts on “Stash Report #2 for the Day”

  1. I just love to see the pictures of fabric you post. These are just gorgeous for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery. When you buy the fabrics for the mystery, are you buying1/2 yd cuts, or fat quarters on these fabrics you show?

  2. With all the batiks that you have been working on, I have urge to buy some to make a quilt. But what quilt to make with them. Too many decisions for me right now. You have a lovely selection. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You bought ALL that fabric at ONE place. I am amazed. Time for me to go stack / stash shopping…. Friday will be here before we know it.

  4. Friday is 4 sleeps away. . . YAHOOOOOO! I need to be better about going to the scrap bins FIRST. . . I have to get some of this sewn up.

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