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You might remember last week I told you that I’ve been collecting taupe fabrics again and that the gals over at Quilted Twins just put out a new supply.  I did order some….I went a little overboard.  There are five fat quarters in each pack so…


..if I bought 7 packs, that means I bought 35 fat quarters.  Oh my.  That’s a lot of fat quarters.  Thankfully the price is awesome!

I had to open all the bundles so I could get a look at all of the fabrics.  See?

Some of the fabrics were in the previous packs..some are new.  I’ve really found I like having these for when I need a “neutral” quilt.   With the Vintage Farmhouse look being all the rage right now, these prints coupled with muslin make the perfect quilts.  Another plus about making a quilt with these is that I’ve been coupling it with muslin and muslin (even high quality muslin) is CHEAP.  I love giving quilts for wedding presents but you all know as well as I do, it’s an EXPENSIVE gift even if only the cost of the materials is calculated.  Using muslin coupled with these great fabrics makes the present much more affordable.

Watch for blog posts coming up that will showcase us using these fabrics.  We had a deadline and some of these are going to be in that project!

If you havein’t been over to Quilted Twins, I highly recommend them….great prices, friendly and good service.

5 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. These are beautiful fabrics and will make wonderful quilts. I was tempted the last time you showed your taupes to order some but then reality set in. I already have so much fabric, I need to use what I have and not add to the chaos.

  2. Like Gretchen, I so want to take advantage of these great deals, but I need to whittle down my stash a bit. Still, I signed up for Quilted Twins email list.

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