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I hit my favorite thrift store again….This last week I only had 15 minutes before they closed so I hit up the fabric and the toys first…I had to have a strategy when I only had so little time.  Yet, I take my thrifting seriously.

I checked the totes first…there was only knit, shear and polyester fabric.  I check the rest of the craft rack and there at the top were three grab bags….I grabbed all three and hurried on to the toy section.  Once home I opened them to find….all sorts of goodies.  The first bag was $1.


Inside were these treasures.  I was super excited about it as there were lots of grays.  I’ve told you before that I saw a quilt that Bonnie Hunter made that will be out in her upcoming book that uses lots of grays.  I’ve been collecting and these are going in the collection box to wait for the release of the new book.


That bag was well worth $1.  Most of the cuts were 1/2 yard cuts.

The next bag was also $1.

This bag had smaller scraps in it but still fun!


This was my favorite piece.  It’s a canvas type fabric and had the world map on it.  I’m really tempted to use it and make a new make up bag.


Also in the mix were all of these wine/beer/alcohol fabrics.

That bag was a fun $1 worth of entertainment!

The last bag was more expensive at $2.


Here is what was inside….depot-8

There were three bigger pieces that were all about 1 yard in length.  Then were were lots of cut squares.  There are on the right in the above picture.  There was on other piece in the bag.  Originally I thought it was a piece of coordination fabric but it’s wasn’t.   Instead it was an already pieced baby quilt.

Well that is going in the pile of quilts that need to be quilted for charity.


It’s not fancy but will work great for someone in need.


So that was my $4 worth of fun.  When I was little I it was really popular for stores to have grab bags.  I always wanted one.  Mom rarely relented and let me get one.  Now days…I get them at the thrift store on a regular basis and I love it.

Someone asked what I do with all the fabric…well actually I pass a lot of it on to charity groups.  I get the thrill of opening it…I keep a few pieces and the rest moves on.  It’s a win for person who donated it..a win for me the thrift store to sell it…a win for me who can buy and sort through it…a win for the place I donate the fabric to…a win for the person who receives the quilt.  Sounds wonderful to me!


9 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I love going to my favorite thrift store and scoring on fabric bundles. The thrill is in finding something that day and then going home and opening it up to see what all I can use. It’s just like Christmas morning for me! lol I just wish that they would put all cotton together, all polyester together etc. Sometimes I’ll donate some of it back for someone else to buy and love. You got some great finds! Congrats, girl!

  2. Catholic Bibliophagist

    Our local thrift store stopped carrying fabric. :-( I asked about it, and they said that it doesn’t sell fast enough. I’m glad to see that yours are still offering it.

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