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A bit ago I told you that Quilted Twins was offering fat quarter bundles in taupe colored fabrics.  I order some and awhile back they arrived.  I haven’t touched them until today.  It’s time.  These guys need to get and sewn.  We have a deadline around the corner and we’ll never make it if these don’t get cut up…well not all of them.  This was the order that came.


Here I opened up all of the taupe colored fat quarters that I bought.  These are all perfect for the quilt.


I had talked to the gals over at Quilted Twins and they said they sold out of all of the taupe fat quarter bundles but I have good news for you.  They are back in stock.  You can find the link for them here.

We are making another one of these quilts.


It is the quilt I made this summer for Hubby’s great niece Amber.  The quilt will be featured in an upcoming publication and needs to be in house in November so we have the rest of October to finish it and get it sent off.  The quilt is quick so I’m not worried about not making the deadline.

Quilted Twins offers lump sum shipping.  I think it’s $5 per order so as long as I was ordering….. (you know how that goes)  I ordered this…..

On the left is backing for my spider web quilt…on the right is a solid gray.  I have used up all the gray solid I have in stock so grabbed some to replenish.  I’ve noticed that many quilts that were once white based are now gray based.  I wanted to have some fabric in case the mood struck….now I have it.

I’ve been VERY happy with all the items I’ve ordered from Quilted Twins.  Here’s a link so you can check it out.

I hope you’ll be following along and cheering for us as we power sew this quilt!!

4 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I like grey fabrics too. They are a popular choice for baby things here in the UK . I am about to start a commission quilt for a friend to gift to her sister’s expected baby and she wants grey in that.

  2. Becky and Rachael have a good selection of taupes on hand again. I just ordered some. They will look great in your quilt. Anxious to see the results. Chris

  3. Would love the pattern for this quilt. Would make a perfect quilt for men. I hardly ever buy fat quarter, but I sure like the scrappiness it gives a quilt. About how many would it take to make a good size quilt like this one?
    Love reading your blog….

  4. You do such great work Jo, it amazes me. Your color choices are always so spot on and everytime I think I have a favorite, you make a new one. Is this the hip to be square pattern? Thanks for always putting out such great info and sharing your wonderful family with us. Love your blog!

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