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My shoulder problems have been requiring me to go to physical therapy twice a week.  It’s in Decorah and that town is a half hour away.  It’s a pain going but in reality that’s about the closest place I around here here to go to get therapy in a schedule like mine.  I’ve been going to Team Rehab.  I went to one of the other places in the area and wasn’t really impressed.  Team Rehab has been AWESOME!!  I highly recommend them to anyone in the area who needs use these services.  They are friendly, nice and very professional.  Best of all…they have appointments that start at 5pm.  For me, that’s golden.

With childcare it’s so hard to get away.  Anytime I can’t be here I either have to coordinate with one of my kids to be my sub, or I have to close.  Parents hate when I have to close so, this 5pm appointment means the kids have to be picked up shortly before 4:30 and for all of the families that’s do-able.  It’s hardest on Kalissa if she has to work…but as I said, it’s do-able with the least conflicts.

Another great thing about Team Rehab, it’s located in the same strip mall as one of my thrift stores.  So now that I’m going to physical therapy every week I’m also getting to the thrift store every week.  That can be dangerous….

Thankfully the fabric is all cheap.  Here’s what I found.


These are all 1-2 yard pieces….  50 cents each.  Yes, the blue is a batik.  All of these fabrics are something I would definitely consider is shopping in town for fabric.  The bicycles…so cute!!


How could I resist tractor fabric?  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it…something, someday, I’m sure.


Can you believe these two pieces?  Both are big enough for backing.  One is six years…the other five yards.  Yahoo.  $2 each.  That was a steal!!

The top piece I already think I know what that will be the backing for.

So as you can see, I’m highly motivated to go to my physical therapy appointments.  Not only do I get some healing relief for my shoulder, I get to hit the thrift store too!  What more could a girl want?


4 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I am glad I stumbled onto your blog. You are very diligent in your postings and I enjoy reading about your thrift store finds. We have plenty of thrifts around here, all high prices but little fabric. I have 7 quilt shops within a 1 hour drive.

  2. Sorry to read that your shoulder continues to bother you, bummer when you do so much long arming. Glad you found a great place to get some help with it. The thrift shop was a great score, 6 yards for 2 bucks, WOW and the blue batik is gorgeous.

  3. Know the feeling but I found an amazing chiropractor who put me straight. Put both arms forward at shoulder height, both hands together back of hands touching, yes, back of hands, tuck in your chin and pull those hands forward. I did them for one day twice and the relief! After 3 days no more pain and at the last all day workshop I only had to do it towards,the ends. Got my sewing life back, hoorah! Try it, you have nothing to lose!

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