Stash Report

Oops.  I did it again.

What is it with fat quarter bundle sales that I can’t resist??  I bought another.  This bunch came from Homestead Hearth.  I am EXTREMELY happy to report that they don’t have any other batik bundles available.  VERY HAPPY!!

Last time I bought a couple and blog about it.  Then a reader wrote that she got some only she ordered some only she ordered the blue..WHAT?!?!?  There wasn’t a blue option when I ordered so what did I do?  I went and looked.  Sure enough there was blue now AND there was a multi colored option too.  So, what’s a girl to do….order right?  I did.


I got the blue and the multi batik bundles….


I got Civil War reproduction fabrics.  These are my all time favorites.  I’ve been stretching my wings and making quilts in different styles but my heart belongs to Civil War reproduction fabrics.


I grabbed this bundle.  It was listed as grays and blacks.  I’ve been wanting to collect grays for a quilt that Bonnie Hunter will have in her next book.  I have so few grays.  Sadly this bundle was more blacks than grays..see?but that’s okay…I needed blacks replenished too.


It looks like I am in the clear from Homestead Hearth…but now what do I see?  Whittles is offering fat quarter bundles too.  OH NO.  No more temptation please.  I can’t take anymore temptation and I am trying to make a vow that I need to do a big reorganization of the sewing room.  I do it about twice a year and it’s time….but first I have a few more projects that have deadlines.  UGH.

How often do you reorganize and clean out your sewing room?  Curious minds want to know!!

8 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I have enough fat quarters to cover my town in a quilt, but I cannot resist bundles. I ordered two taupe bundles from the Quilted Twins. I told them that you sent me. LOL.

  2. I clean my ‘sewing room’ every time I sew, as we live in a tiny house. I have to get everything out and put it away at the end of each day. Ugh. – Jean

  3. I don’t have a lot of fat quarters I have more in yards that way I have a lot of scraps which is always good I will buy certain colors when I get low on them I clean my sewing room after I finish a quilt top,backing and binding

  4. Mary Etherington`

    When I feel I’m losing control I stop and sort – clean and put away. That clean sewing table gets the creative juices flowing again.

  5. I generally don’t buy fat quarter bundles but seeing yours and the deals I am reconsidering even though I don’t “need” any more fabric….lol. I only clean my sewing room when I can’t stand it any more and I have to say I’m getting close to that point. The only trouble is it needs a major reorganization and I am not ready to do that yet!

  6. Usually, fall and spring the cleaning bug hits me, but I will confess, I easily get distracted by cutting, piecing and quilting-thinking that if I just use this up then I won’t have to put it away. I cut out three baby quilts last weekend with that line of thinking. . .maybe after a nap this afternoon, I will be more focused. I am trying to be on a fabric diet until I finish some UFOs.
    You are NOT helping me. . .LOL! :)

  7. Louise Adkins Rivoire

    I have my own sewing room with a fabric cabinet, so I keep a good supply all the time. I found a shop that has the civil war fabric and have just started a curved log cabin quilt with them. I love them.

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