Stash Report

I got some goodies.  Ila played “scrap fairy” and send me a box of scrappy goodness.  I love Ila boxes.  They are the best thing to get in the mail…and happily Ila knows what I love….SCRAPS!


This one the mail lady brought to my door and I got to open it over nap time.  Few things can make nap time more fun than a special delivery of fabric scraps.  There are all kinds included.  There was a bag with batik scraps..brights and other goodies.  As soon as the retreat is over I am going to get the box sorted and organized into places that they can be used.

I also hit the jack pot at the local thrift store!  Here was my find there.The big pieces in the back are all between a half and full yard of fabric.  They are only 50 cents each.  I plan to put the plaids in with my shirt fabrics.


The scrappy pieces were all in a bag and the bag was 50 cents.  Most of it is cut into strips already.  All I have to do is put them into my scrap user’s system and I’ll have for a scrappy quilt all ready to trim and sew.

For now this all went in the box from Ila and it’s all waiting for me until the retreat is over…Isn’t it funny in life how one person thinks all these scraps are junk and another person is super happy to have them.  I sure am glad that I’m the one super happy to have them!!

Thanks for thinking of me Ila.  You truly are the best!

3 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Nice! You got a big variety of scraps to use!

    I bet it makes Ila as happy giving to you…as it does you receiving such nice fabric scraps from her! …and good buys from the thrift store too!

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