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Have you noticed that lots of my stash reports have turned into thrift store reports?  I’ve notice that but then again, most of the fabric I buy comes from thrift stores.

Kalissa and I went on Saturday to check out the thrift stores…She doesn’t mind thrift stores but she’s not SUPER crazy about them like I am-but then again, few people are as crazy as I am about thrift stores.

I did my usual lap at the thrift store…checked the vintage things…then off to the shoes, past the shirts, over to the Carver sized clothes, to the toys and then around to the crafty things where the fabric is.  I found these couple pieces of fabric…


The leaf and gingham are cotton but the other two you can see aren’t.  Typically I only buy cotton but this time I bought these to pieces to cut down so I can make squares for clothes for my Woodkin dolls that the childcare kids play with.

As I rounded the corner I took a glance towards the crafty things and saw patterns..not just patterns but these patterns….Skipper and Barbie and baby doll patterns!!


I snapped them up.  I first saw a bunch of in a baggie.  There were about 12 in the bag including the Skipper patterns.  I said, “Kalissa, LOOK!”  Then Kalissa said to me, “Mom, stop hyperventilating.”  Then I started looking in the rest of the patterns and found 16 more.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t quite hyperventilating…but close.  I’ve told you before that I LOVE vintage Barbie and doll patterns.  I really do.  Much of it is for nostalgia reasons….

See the Barbie pattern on the right that says Advance was the pattern that my sister used to sew me Barbie clothes when I was a kid.  She made the gown on the upper right and the sundress on the upper left.  I can still vividly remember the colors and prints of the fabrics she used.

I ended up finding this wooden box to keep the patterns in.  For now they are by my bedside.  At night before bed I read through a couple…weird I know.  In the end, there were 28 patterns and they were 10 cents each… is good with my thrift stores.  I’m so thankful that the littlest, silliest, things can make me happy.

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  1. Those patterns are awesome! I love thrift stores too, you never know what you will find. I went to an estate sale and picked up a few bags of fabric on Saturday. Last time I popped into our local thrift store I found Longaberger baskets and wrought iron for $5 total! I was doing a very happy dance!

  2. You go girl… Awesome… I like checking out our local thrift shops. For me it’s all about time. We live at least 22 plus miles from town. Our nearest town has a quick stop and junk shops for tourists.

  3. I can recall having those patterns and I think they cost 95cents. I also made lots of doll clothes for our daughters Barbie’s and plenty of neighbor kids with material given to me by a bridal shop. It does bring back memories and I’m glad you are enjoying looking at them once again

  4. I’m SO glad I’m not the only one that adores thrift stores & must include yard/garage sales.
    I’m proud to be frugal, and when I find lovely yardage at both (and I do, often!) at $.50 – $2 a yard, I’m a happy girl. I justify it as yardage now is $10 – $12 a yard, and I WILL use it, eventually. I also collect the Corning ware petite pans and a few other things, and its a treasure hunt, every time. That’s ok if others don’t like to go – it leaves more lovely things for those of us that do!

  5. When I was little, I had an aunt who made me an entire trousseau for my Barbie dolls. Evening gowns, wedding gown, dresses, shirts, slacks……. everything! At the time, I loved it, played with it, and appreciated it, but not to the extent I do now! I can’t even imagine how hard it is to handle and sew the tiny pieces with accuracy.

  6. When I was a young girl with a new midge doll(my sister got the barbie) we had no $ for patterns. Alas I designed clothes for my midge doll. One of my neighbor girls I ran into years later said she had the pantyhose I made for the barbies !! You guessed it – recycled pantyhose

  7. I, too, made clothes for the Sunshine Family. My daughter wasn’t a Barbie fan, but she did enjoy the Sunshine Family. I had that same pattern. They were a “pain” to make!

  8. What a SCORE! Those look like they might be the same two Barbie patterns I got from Grandma. Poor Skipper only ever had one dress because no one ever sewed her anything. :-(

  9. It was like reading an account of what I did last week, but I only got 1 piece of fabric and 6 Barbie patterns. Thrift stores are the best!

  10. I’m with you. I LOVE thrifting. My girls think I’m off my rocker but they play along and are good sports. Thankfully the thrift stores are not close by, but I am able to go once or twice a month and that is good enough. My favorite has a Craft Room!

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