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Now to long ago Kalissa and I had a girls morning…we wanted a whole day but when you have a little one and dad is watching him, you take what you can get.  I think we both needed a little time to recharge.  We ended up in Decorah and found the cutest little shop.  Well it’s not exactly shop.  It’s in a carriage house behind a home just off of Water Street.  I have a little paper I got and the description says, “In the little barn behind the old stone house on the corner of Water and John Street”.   The name of the place is Just Precious Vintage.  It was SO-SO CUTE!!

The lady that runs the store was so friendly and helpful.    I took a ton of photos but forgot to take a picture of the outside of the building and her super cute “glamper” that sat in the driveway.  Here’s a whole bunch of pictures of the goodies inside.  LOVE this spool cabinet!


She had lots of lace for sale and she made decorating with it look easy.



The shop is tiny but LOADED with goodness.


Kalissa and I were constantly saying “did you see this…did you see that?”


Look at that button jar!!


Cute little thread display….


I have collected so many of these things but I never take the time to organize them into a display…someday I hope.


Check out the little red toy sewing machine….Just-Precious-vintage-9

I have some spools and I’ve often seen some tatted lace.  Sometime I want to to what she did here with it.


Goodies galore!


Some of my pictures aren’t the best as the shop was small and it was hard to get far enough away to get a good picture.


She had some really cute furnishing too.  We both LOVED this rounded cabinet.



What do you do with an old stained table cloth?  Cut it into triangles and make a banner!!


I should have bought the vintage thread holder for Kayla…it was cool!


The thing I REALLY wanted to buy and didn’t…this display shelf.  It was $175.


I’m still thinking about it.  Honestly, I love it and want it in my sewing room.  I had forgotten to snap a photo of it but found the picture on her Facebook page.  If you want to check her out and see her goodies she is open the last weekend of every month or check her out on her Facebook page.  Kalissa and I both LOVED the shop and will be back again.

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  1. Jo, thanks for sharing these great places on you blog. This is the second shop I’ve contacted after seeing it here. I sent an email late last night and even though she’s out of town, the owner already contacted me.

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